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Contact Multiple Tour Operators With A Single Mail

Do you know how many hours’ travelers spend online searching for a travel package? 30 hours! An equivalent of four working days spread over five weeks, according to recent research. It surpasses the time spend on the holiday itself! More and more people are turning into their travel agents and tour operators, thanks to the internet and it’s a painstaking experience.

Conventional online travel packages booking procedures can be rudimental. You need time and lots of patience to plan, procure and finally pay for your travel package. A travel package has numerous parts to it; your package can easily be ruined if one component is missed.

For instance, a tour package must at least contain a travel component, accommodation, meals, and excursions. While this is clear, finding the right package can be a daunting task. There are virtually millions of travel sites that you have to scour through. Many of these sites are scamming programs and there isn’t a clear way of verifying their credentials. And even those that are genuine may not be as professional on the ground as their rosy travel sites indicate.

Once you settle on a few sites, you have to find their contacts navigating through the entire page. The eye catching images do a great job of distracting you from your primary goal. Once you get the contacts, you have to dispatch numerous emails to each travel agent/tour operator. What follows is back and forth communications until it drives you crazy! You pick up the phone to explain yourself, and the charges eat deeper into your pocket! You are thrown right in the middle of the Amazon, and it’s upon yourself to figure your way out. That stops now. We have taken a critical review of how you booked your travel package online and taken the pain away.

What is it?

Internet is your best bet to find expertly planned royal safaris on a shoe-budget. The cheap holiday packages from our website are revolutionary. The process is neatly organized to relieve you the pain of endless trips to travel agent or a tour operator. We have sieved through and handpicked crème de la crème travel agents and tour operators across the globe. Notwithstanding, we have a strategic partnership with tourism specialists world over to ensure your experience is unparalleled.

How it works

The website is neatly arranged and decluttered so you can find ease in requesting for your package. It is a time saver. Navigate to our tourist form and chose your tour preferences. When you click send, our travel partners in your preferred destination will within an hour customize a professionally done tour package and send it to you. You will have many tour packages from various tour operators. Once you settle to a few packages that you like, you may continue to communicate directly with the travel agents/tour operators until your travel materializes.

Value for money

It’s common knowledge that a holiday can be an expensive undertaking. We have done extensive research and found money saving techniques to accord you a five-star experience on a shoe-string budget. We derive our name from our incredibly cheap but royal packages. So whether you are seeking the allure of the tropical Caribbean beaches, the magnificence of world revered Masai Mara game viewing drives or the awe-inspiring drops of the grand canyons, out system will put together an experience of a lifetime. We have around the clock support team specialized in friendly customer care and vastly knowledgeable in all of our processes. We are here to change how you shop for your travel packages, the royalty that fits in your pocket every single time you think of relaxing.

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