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January 23, 2018

The best jobs to opt for if you’re experiencing a career transition

Given how much of your life you will spend working, it would obviously be desirable for you to be in a career that you love. Unfortunately, however, many people actually aren’t; the online jobs board CV-Library has found that about four in ten UK workers are unhappy with their current positions, as smallbusiness.co.uk reports. So, if you want to make the leap, to what new job should you do it?

Is your current job making you stressed?

Stress is obviously something that can be commonly experienced in a variety of jobs; however, with a career change, you could relieve the anguish with surprising ease.

You could, for example, become an accountant. According to CV-Library’s research, which recently solicited the views of more than 13,200 UK professionals in a year, only 36.8% of accountants reported encountering workplace stress.

This makes their workplaces more harmonious than those of any other professions which were researched as part of the study. If the particular source of your stress is too much overtime work, keep in mind that 37.5% of designers claimed they don’t need to undertake any.

Safari, so good with these rural jobs

If you’ve noticed that your neighbour seems strangely chirpy whenever you see them out in their garden, it could be their exposure to nature that is doing their mood so much good. That’s certainly a powerful incentive to make the next job one that often keeps you in the open air.

70% of agriculture workers reported happiness with their jobs. No other industry matched such a high satisfaction rate in the research – and you don’t have to look too far for examples of people who have left behind largely indoor jobs in favour of work amongst comparatively organic surroundings.

In an article for Stylist, Kirsty Ho Fat reported leaving work in healthcare publishing to set up the UK’s first website aimed specifically at female cyclists. Along the way, she cycled 4,000 miles around the British coast. Meanwhile, Sarah Jane Greeff said goodbye to a job teaching textiles technology at a secondary school and hello to a position as a safari manager at Zambia’s Luambe National Park.

Want to get physically healthier and slimmer?

If so, work in catering might be for you. Nearly a quarter of caterers – 23.8% – said that their eating habits were healthier due to their job. Meanwhile, 42.9% had lost weight – perhaps, we would be willing to speculate, due to how physically demanding many catering roles can be.

It’s probably not coincidental that caterers are, compared to people in jobs of many other types, especially likely to engage in daily exercise; 14.3% reported doing so. Interestingly, recruitment is another field that could do well for your fitness; 51% of recruiters get workplace perks, of which free fitness classes or facilities are the most common.

Why not gain some international experience?

If you are currently attempting to seal a career change, it would be especially wise to peruse the choice of jobs in London, given the impressive diversity of the UK capital’s career offerings. London, in particular, has become a logical choice for those looking to pursue a new career in the tech industry. Last year, huge international companies such as Facebook and Google chose to bed down in the capital opening up a vast array of opportunities for residents.

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