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Best Business Signs for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to make sure your customers see your holiday sales! Through the snow, sleet, short days, and frigid weather, everyone’s on the hunt for the best holiday bargains, from stocking stuffers to the “big present” they’ve been looking for all year. It’s not too late to get some great holiday signage up, leaving your competitors in the dust and ensuring your store can easily be seen from Santa’s sleigh. There are some options available, all of which help you end 2017 clearly in the black.

Physical business signs can be permanent or seasonal, highlighting special events like the end of year sales and holiday extravaganzas. Commercial business signs can include lighted signs and neon signs, both beacons in the dark directing customers to your unbelievable bargains. LED signs are an excellent option for those in particularly cold regions, with a system that can withstand anything Jack Frost throws at it. In winter, lit signs are often preferable because they’re easy to spot, festive, and usually stand out amidst a sea of otherwise dark and dreary business signs.

Keep in mind that physical business signs are best suited for brick and mortar establishments, and should always be complemented with digital advertising. Tackle your audience from all sides, whether you enjoy a rich amount of passerby traffic, or most of your audience find you online.

Physical signage might be considered obsolete in some niche industries, particularly virtual companies with their lead generation tools, predictive analytics, and marketing automation. However, business signs are still a foundational part of many brick and mortar companies.

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Hurdle

Complement your lit signs with a brand new, permanent signage solution. Lit signs are fantastic durable solutions for very niche industries and shops, such as bars and restaurants, kitschy vintage shops, and other high impact businesses. A little drop of neon on an otherwise dreary street really stands out—and also helps customers find you if you’re open during night hours. They’re also great options for just about any business to showcase a special event or sale. However, for many, lit signs are a little too much and believe a permanent sign should be classic and more demure.

If that’s the case, right now is the perfect time to upgrade your business signs with a classic option such as a monument, pole sign, or an MDO sign. Aluminum signs are great for winter weather, while vinyl signs easily stand up to terrible weather. Magnetics and channel letters are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. While you’re at it, consider large format prints so that you can be spotted from far away, or professional logo design to ensure you’re nailing the marketing angle.

Consider the location of the signage, particularly if it’s permanent. Weather and geography can play a role. For instance, aluminum can rust if you’re in a coastal town, and some lit signs simply won’t stand up to a constant rainfall.

Ring in the New Year Right

Beyond the holidays, January can be a very profitable month for retailers, or it can start the new year off on a bad note. This is when people are shopped out, returns are made, and you can really turn things around with a special sale. January can seem like it stretches out forever, especially since the past few months were spilling over with holidays. Signage can help you bring in new customers and maybe turn those returns into profitable exchanges instead.

It’s the end of the year, and that means business expenses for the 2017 tax year need to happen soon. Business signs are an excellent expense and write-off that can make 2018 the best year yet. Permanent signage ties into your company branding, and should be built into the reputation management of your company as a whole. How does the font, color, and design complement your existing branding? Is it reflective of your company—and your customers? For many, signage is their first impression, and it has to count.

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