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B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Business Developers in 2019

Over the years, we have seen a steady fall in the traditional marketing approaches such as speaking engagements, networking, and public relationships and a boost in digital marketing strategies. Mainly because of the higher return in investment.

Of late, B2B lead generation has become the lifeblood of businesses all over the world. In a highly competitive B2B market, it is essential to understand who your customer is and what works for them. Here, we have compiled a list of various tactics that can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Content Marketing

When it comes to marketing, nothing creates a better impression on your potential clients like quality content. The internet is flooded with lots of gibberish content – which is why you need to up your game with the outstanding subject matter which can be of value. Here’s how you can kick it up a notch:

● Create a microsite and start blogging

You may have an elaborate website that explains everything about your services, but a microsite lets you create a niche. Testimonials from your customers is a brilliant way to give sales a push.

What’s more, is that you can write blogs on the site talking about how your distinguished your services are. Brownie points? SEO friendly blogs are known for driving a lot of traffic on your website.

● YouTube and Podcast

The second most popular search engine on the internet, YouTube and podcast are known for driving tens of millions of viewers every single day. You can make the most trending videos that catch the attention of viewers such as the “how-to” videos concerning your business.

● Email Marketing

If there is one thing that has taken everything by the storm, it has to be the internet. One of the hottest selling things in the market, email marketing is sure to generate great results for B2B businesses.

● In the box!

Build a strong strategy, and you’ll be surprised at how email marketing campaigns can successfully engage your target audience. All you need is a good mailer with an engaging subject to help avoid your emails from automatically going to the spam

● Recycle the old blogs

You may write dozens of blogs, publish them on your website and get done with it. But here’s a little something that can help you while driving more traffic. Your old blog posts can be reworked into a mailer and sent to your target audience for brand recall engagement.

Paid Advertising

The organic reach for your posts on Facebook is under 5% of your audience, but if you want to reach to a wider audience, you’ll have to boost it by spending money on it. Here are a few ways how you can do so –

● Ads Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

With special filters such as news feed targeting, geo-targeting, etc., you can control who specifically views your advertisements which makes digital advertisements on social media platforms one of the most powerful tools for B2B lead generation.

● Affiliate Marketing

When you get your products or services promoted by someone else by terms and commission set by you, it is called affiliate marketing. For instance, you get your product promoted through ads on a particular website, by the end of the month you can track the sales and accordingly pay them the commission.

● Lead generation software

Just making people land on your page isn’t everything – lead generation goes way beyond that. It is about collecting the information of visitors and nurturing them into becoming your loyal customers and increasing the fan base on your social media. There is various outreach software that helps generate new leads, help you reach out to them in a personalized manner and provide you with web analytics so that you are able to generate reports to measure the success of your outreaching efforts and website traffic.

● Influencer marketing

According to experts at SocialProof, hiring a social media influencer to promote your business is one of the most popular ways of driving new leads on social media platforms such as Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, etc. Why? Because their target audience is likely to be a recommendation from them.

Social Media Marketing

A powerful way for businesses of all kinds to reach prospects and customers, social media marketing is a great way to bring remarkable success to your business.

● Following on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook

Looking for ways to engage your audience? Create interesting and enticing content for people to stay glued to. Gaining new leads constantly on social media accounts and groups is highly dependent on posting exciting content regularly.

● Contests and discount

Posts and videos may be a great way for sustaining interest in your business, but if you want to step it up further and make people share and engage with your page, you need to organize contests.

Another brilliant way for the brand to generate new traffic, interact with fans and build a strong, engaged and loyal community is by giving discounts on your products and services.

Final Thought

Helping business grow needs a lot of planning and strategizing. With different digital strategies on your fingers, it should take a while for you to see steady growth in generating new business leads.

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