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6 Skills Top Tech Companies Need From New Hires

If you’re aiming to get your foot in the door with one of the top tech companies in the world, you’ll need to prove you’ve got what it takes to be the best. These incredible companies offer employees impressive perks and high salaries, and they expect a lot from their workers in exchange. Here are six skills you need to demonstrate if you want to land a job with the best and brightest in Silicon Valley.

1. Above Average Communication Skills

First, you need to show that you’re an incredible communicator. Tech companies want employees who can communicate well in writing and while speaking. Working in technology as an engineer doesn’t mean you’ll be in front of a computer all the time. Most positions also require some sort of written product to be produced along with conference calls and meetings where staff members need to present information to a group.

2. Excellent Work Ethic and Initiative

The next skill employers in the tech field desire are initiative. They want to recruit people with a demonstrated history of a strong work ethic and an ability to take charge of projects. You can prove your commitment to doing consistent hard work by giving examples of your successes in your resume.

3. Extreme Enthusiasm for the Work

Tech companies also seek individuals who have a strong passion for their work. Some startups thrive on this group enthusiasm that keeps workers going when building a revolutionary product or service. The best way to show off your excitement for the company’s mission is to express this during an interview. Do your homework before you sit down and talk to a hiring manager. Check out some projects the company wants to achieve for the future.

4. Experience Working on a Team

Teamwork skills are also vital for tech employees. In many of the tech companies, employees have to work as part of a larger team instead of in isolation. If one team member isn’t working well with the rest of the group, it can have a negative impact on the entire scope of the project. On your resume, stress your teamwork skills by pointing out achievements you’ve done on a team.

5. Strong Problem-Solving Strategies

Another essential skill employers want in this industry is an ability to solve problems. Many tech companies are looking for new ways to do things and need software engineers to think outside the box. If you feel like your problem-solving skills measure up, you can find software engineering jobs with the help of Hired.

6. Ability to Adapt

The last soft skill you need to show off to a tech employer is the ability to adapt to any new situation or challenge. Tech startups are continually changing things around and writing the business plan as they go along at times. A successful employee in this field can easily adjust to the new procedures or challenges and keep going towards success.

Take a look at your resume and your background to see if you measure up to these essential soft skills for the tech industry. Make sure you mention these vital skills in your previous experience and be prepared to talk about these topics during an interview.

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