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April 21, 2018

3 Features To Consider About Your Web Design

Creating a good business website can sound very difficult, though it does not have to be challenging. If you need to design a website for your business, start by identifying what it is that you desire your web design to achieve. Thus, you will need to have a clear plan of action for the web design process.

To make the web design process less daunting, you should ask yourself the following three questions as a business owner.

1. Who Will Make Use Of My Company’s Website?

Now is the time to gather your team members together and determine who will, in fact, make use of your company’s website. For starters, think about how your team members will rely on the website within your organization and how will you create, assess and publish any brand new content. Also, determine if your new website design will affect the current responsibilities of your team members.

After you have figured out how your website will be used internally, shift your focus to how your website will be used externally. Identify your customers and partners who will be browsing your website. Will your partners perhaps use your website differently than your customers? To create better web design, you will need to know the importance of user behaviour in web design. Ultimately effective web design offers value to every visitor by giving thought to every concerned party.

2. Which Features Should My Web Design Incorporate?

It can be hard to identify which elements your web design should incorporate. This will be even more challenging if you do not know about all the features that are available. The following are some of the most common elements that your web design can incorporate:


It can have a major effect when you share the story of your business by a video. If you choose to use a video, you can share it with apps like Vimeo or YouTube or embed it on your own website.


Is it perhaps time to get brand new photos for your website? After you have decided on which images to include, you will need to determine how these photos will be displayed, for example, you can choose to let your photos remain static or you can let it rotate.


Embedding a map on the contact page of your website is a great idea thanks to the search engine optimization perks.


Your web design can include different forms such as a contact form, sign-up form or order form. This information can then be sent to you via email or added to a CRM system automatically.


Engaging on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be very beneficial. Though, ensure that you first have a social media strategy in place. Also, for it to be effective, you will have to set some goals and get a team to help you.


The key to blogging is that you will need to have the resources to ensure that you publish a new blog post regularly. If you do not have the time or skills to blog regularly, it will be useless.


If you want to be able to sell merchandise online, discuss this with a web designer beforehand. To process payments online, you will, for example, need a third-party payment gateway.

3. What Will Your Technological Requirements Be?

If you are not familiar with all the technical details of web design, there is no need to worry. Your web design company will be able to discuss all the relevant details with you and explain to you how your decisions will affect the infrastructure of your website.

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