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September 12, 2017

Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water Pros and Cons

One of the factors that influence our health the most is the quantity and the quality of the water that we consume on a daily basis. Seeing how hydration is a key element to our survival, it’s important to be picky when it comes to the quality and purity of the water ingested. The fact that tap water is full of health-threatening contaminants is not a mystery anymore, so it’s clear that it can’t be consumed. There remain two types of water to hydrate with, more precisely filtered and bottled water. In the following, we will present you with the pros and cons that come with consuming each type of water to help you reach the best decision possible for your health and overall well-being.

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Filtered Water Pros

Filtered water is water that has been passed through a thorough filtration process provided by a water filter. There are different types of water filters that all basically provide the same end result but in different manners. Let’s not waste time and find out together what are the benefits provided by the healthy filtered drinking water:

  • Free of contaminants and impurities: What can’t be denied when it comes to filtered water is the fact that it’s free of contaminants, its purity being unsurpassable. Of course, the purity of the filtered water that you’re consuming relies on the type of filtration system used for the purification process. But as long as you test the water prior to buying the system, you are going to be aware of what contaminants need to be targeted, thus making a good decision when it comes to the type of water filter needed.
  • Improved flavor: Few things are as unpleasant as having to drink water that tasted funky. Not only are you ensured of the fact that the water you’re drinking is of a very poor quality but you won’t be able to hydrate with it as you will reject the taste and refuse to consume it at one point. Unfortunately, this is a major issue with tap water, but one that can easily be fixed with the addition of a water filter, the once unpleasant tasting water becoming tasty filtered water.
  • Lack of odors: Chlorine is the contaminant that gives tap water a highly unpleasant smell, but a contaminant that is ever-present as it aids destroy bacteria and other more dangerous impurities that lurk in the municipal water. Filtered water, which is basically tap water that has been passed through a filtration process, is, fortunately, free of the unpleasant odor normally left behind by chlorine because the chemical is eliminated from the water.
  • Money-saving option, in the long run: Although at the starting point filtered water seems to be an expensive option due to the high price of the filtration system, in the long run, it actually saves you a lot of money. Per year, a family of four will spend approximately $1.10 strictly on consuming tap water that has been filtered, without adding the maintenance costs that might be needed for the appliance. This is a lot less than the approximately $3000 that a family of four spends per year on bottled water.
  • Produced on demand: Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that filtered water is produced on demand. Whenever you want to drink clean, contaminant-free water, just get it from the filtration system that provides it in a few seconds. Also, if you go out for a walk or any other activity, simply fill a container of your choice with the healthy water, and you can thus easily carry it with you.

Filtered Water Cons

There are a couple of downsides to consuming filtered water, these downsides being associated with initial costs and the maintenance work required on the water filters. Read the following lines to learn more about the cons that accompany drinking water that has been filtered:

  • Expensive water filtration system: Upfront, the water filter might end up costing you a pretty penny. But this isn’t necessarily a downfall as there are water filtration systems for all budgets out there, the market being flooded by these appliances. Thus, in case you don’t have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy a high-end whole house water filter, there’s no need to panic as there is surely a cheaper under sink system out there that will suit your possibilities. Also, considering that in the long run it actually helps you save money, it’s an investment worth making.
  • Maintenance work required on the filtration system: Regardless of the type of system that you install or use, one thing is for sure – maintenance work will eventually be required. Some costs will be involved as the filters need to be changed periodically. But this doesn’t add up to a considerable sum of money if you’re dealing with a quality filtration system as maintenance work won’t be needed too often.
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Bottled Water Pros

There are reasons to the popularity of bottled water, reason that we will list and explain in the following lines:

  • Convenient hydrating solution: Obviously, bottled water comes in a plastic or glass bottle. The strong point of bottled water and what makes it so popular is definitely the fact that it’s a very convenient hydrating solution. When you’re on the go, it’s ideal as it’s easily portable, and in case you forget to take a bottle with you, you can buy from a store, so you won’t be in danger of getting dehydrated.
  • Safer than tap water: While bottled water might not be the ideal solution to stay hydrated, it’s still safer than tap water, that’s for sure. Normally, the water that ends up in stores and that people ultimately buy and consume is checked for contaminants that present a hazard to the health of those who drink it. Thus, the chances for it to contain impurities, bacteria, and any other types of contaminants are reduced, making it a healthy option to go with.
  • Good taste: Just like filtered water, bottled water tastes good. Depending on the brand that you purchase from, it can even contain minerals that add to its taste and that make it more beneficial for your health. The fact that the water tastes and smells good makes it more pleasurable for you to consume it, thus staying hydrated not because you have to but because you want to.
  • Easily available: As we have previously mentioned, all stores sell water. Well, almost all stores, of course. This makes for quite a big advantage as filtered water is only available in your home and other placed where filtration systems are installed. On the other hand, bottled water can be obtained from almost any store out there for only a few dollars, always being in your reach.

Bottled Water Cons

Obviously, there had to be downsides to consuming bottled water as nothing is truly perfect. These downsides are:

  • Expensive: Although at first, it might not seem so, in the long run, buying bottled water ends up costing you a lot of money. As we have previously told you, a family of four spends on average about $3000 per year on bottled water, a lot more than the same family would if they were to consume filtered water, which would amount to only $1.10 per year. These numbers are more than enough proof of how you’re actually affecting your budget by buying the water that you use to hydrate yourself with from the store.
  • Not always contaminant-free: While this water is promoted as being contaminant-free, this isn’t always true. First of all, there still exist cases where it isn’t properly freed of dangerous contaminants and impurities before ending up in the bottle, which means that you might actually be spending money to consume water that is less pure than tap water. Second of all, due to sitting in the plastic container for so long, it becomes contaminated by the chemicals in the plastic. But this is a downside that solely applies to plastic bottles and not glass or other types of recipients.
  • Leads to environmental hazards: Unfortunately, plastic is one of the main pollutants on this planet. Tons of plastic bottles are being thrown away improperly, not being recycled. This leads to a pollution of the air that we breathe, the land that we harvest our food on, and the water that we drink. While irresponsible management of plastic bottles is to blame for this situation, it still would be better to stop using the bottles altogether not to encourage the growth of this major issue.
  • Encourages use of fossil fuels: For the bottles of water to reach stores everywhere in the world, a lot of fossil fuel is consumed on transportation on lands and on water. This is an unfortunate truth that must be faced, the consumption of bottled water actually leading to the decay of the planet and a worsening of living conditions on Earth.
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Conclusion: What Type of Water is Better to Consume?

Now that you know what the pros and cons to consuming both types of water are, it’s easy to understand why we consider the better option to be filtered water. There are several water treatment devices on the market that can filter the water for you. Not only does consuming filtered water save you a lot of money in the long run, but you help save the planet and you are guaranteed a lack of contaminants in the water that you’re ingesting as well. Therefore, your health, your wallet, and the planet will all have to gain from this decision, consuming water that is passed through a thorough filtration process first being a truly life-changing decision for the better.


  1. “The fact that tap water is full of health-threatening contaminants is not a mystery anymore”

    Whut? The link you give is to data which are at best seven years old and US-centric. What does that have to do with Czech tap water in 2017?

    “we consider the better option to be filtered water”

    State your credentials, please.

  2. While filtered tap water contains chlorine and fluoride, bottled water contains plastic particles! We need a safe solution to keep us hydrated.

  3. This article was written without background research, hence pointless to read. It is clear that no researchwas made by the authors on real world application of water cleaning systems.

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