Prague, view of Kampa island from the Charles bridge.
Prague, view of Kampa island from the Charles bridge

Prague in miniature

Prague. Beautiful, ain’t she?

Recently, The Prague Post received an email with a link to a real gem of a video. Set to Tchaikovsky’s dainty Nutcracker Suite, Little Praha is Emiliano Ruprah’s envisagement of Prague as a miniature city. By speeding up the shots, blurring them around the edges and flooding them with vivid light and color, Ruprah’s film creates the impression of a Lilliputian Prague – one that looks as fragile as it does beautiful. Toy trains whiz around a track, dinky boats put-put down the Vltava, and tiny plastic workmen hurriedly toil away on a construction site (this bit’s definitely sped up). The result is guaranteed to make you feel either very big or very small.

Here’s Little Praha in full. And here are more of Ruprah’s films.

If you’ve created your own short films about Prague, or if you’re a Czech-based filmmaker wanting to flaunt your wares, send your video links to [email protected] and you may be featured in a future Prague Post blog.

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