Putinization of Hungary: Time for the EU to intervene?

This week an editorial featured in the Washington Post speaks about the ‘’Putinization’’ of Hungary.

Admittedly while comparing Hungary to Russia is going too far, Hungary is a one party state where the checks and balances of democracy are one by one gradually being dismantled.

Thus maybe it is time for Brussels to send a signal to Budapest that such democratic backtracking will not be tolerated by any European state. For the past six months Europe distracted by its own financial crises has remained inward looking but Europe was not just built on solely economics, it is also a political Union with the democracy at its core.

The piece in the Post argues that the EU should boycott the Eastern Partnership summit pencilled in for May. While such a move would only likely have a negative impact on an Eastern Partnership programme in desperate need of re- energizing maybe its time for the EU to start taking a stance on the current ”Orbanization”.

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