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Those of you who’ve read Prague Post food and drink critic Fiona Gaze’s roundup of the multi-tap pubs a couple of weeks ago already know what I think of it, I love it! On the one hand, because there can never be enough diversity, and on the other, because it’s really cool to be asked “Which one?” when you order an IPA in a pub in Prague.


That said, simple is also beautiful,  there are times when I don’t feel like thinking and all I want to order is “pivo,” or at most a Balling graduation or a color, without any further questions asked and knowing full well what I’ll be getting, one half liter of something delicious.

In a city like Prague, that is far from a problem.  There are two certainties in this town, one is that you will not have to wait too long to see a very, very pretty girl or woman passing by and the other is that you will not have to walk too long to find a proper pub that knows what to do with Pilsner Urquell.

Now, I can enjoy my tanková as much as the next Franta, believe me, but I prefer the products some of the smaller, lesser known brewers. Fortunately, there’s (almost) plenty of them in Prague. You will have to walk a bit farther to find them, perhaps, but that is, in a way, part of their charm.

Here you have a list of some of my favorites. Beware, most of them represent Czech pub culture at its most visceral, this means no Caesar’s Salad, no Computer Generated-Marketing Department Approved Interior Design, no sexy servers smiling at you with empty eyes, just beer minimalism at its very best. If you get to understand that, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these pubs as much as I do.

Hrom do Police

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Chodská 16 – Praha-Vinohrady
+420 222 517 815 –
Mon-Fri: 11:30-24, Sat: 14-24
Pivo I order: Černý (Hradební Tmavé from Pivovar Polička)

U Slovanské Lípy

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Koněvova 288/1 – Praha-Žižkov
+420 222 780 563 ‎
Mon-Sat: 16-23
Pivo I order: Nefiltrovaná 10° (Kout na Šumavě)

U Klokočníka

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Na Veselí 702/48 – Praha-Nusle
Mon-Sun: 10-22
Pivo I order: Nefiltrovaná 10° (Kácov)

Pivnice Jamajka

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Staropramenná 23 – Praha-Smíchov
+420 257 326 430 –
Mon-Fri: 15:30-01, Sat-Sun: 16-01
Pivo: 11° (Postřižin)

Pivnice Šumavan

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Ovenecká 15 – Praha-Holešovice
Mon-Sun: 9:30-21:30
Pivo: Klášter 11° (They do have a guest beer, but if your order “pivo” they’ll bring you some lovely Klášter)

U Rokytky

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Nám. Dr. Václava Holého 7 – Praha-Libeň
+420 284 828 818
Mon-Sat: 10-22, Sun: 12-22
Pivo: 12º or Kvasničák (Svijany)

If there’s any other you believe should be there, you know what to do.

Na Zdraví!

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