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June 19, 2018

Winning online cash games: Is it a matter of luck or skill?

Trick or Treat as one may quite often ask before playing cash games online. This purely depends on what kind of games you wish to play. Games like Poker combines strategy as well as gambling, however, to be honest, it also requires a large amount of luck to help you win some quick money. However, when you play rummy, which has rightly been classified as a skill-based game, requires a player to be observant as well as play the right cards at the right time. Both the card game formats are undoubtedly quite popular in the online cash gaming world; however, the Rummy gets the upper hand as it requires every player to be analytical, take decisions and make calculative moves. On a few occasions, the only way one might get lucky is when your opponent fails to make a right move. However, the same cannot be said for the game of Poker! Clearly, because you need to be a little lucky to take home the winning money.

The definition of success greatly varies when it comes to skill based online cash games as one needs to overcome several pitfalls purely based on their experience and knowledge of the game. However, for non-skill-based games, which is commonly referred to as gambling or a game of chance, luck becomes the deciding factor for winning the game. Online cash games will always exist on a continuum between being a game of ‘pure chance’ or ‘pure skill.’ Especially in a game like the Poker, there will always be a substantial element of chance which every opponent will be able to cite. Things, however, beg to differ when you play the Rummy game, where one cannot win the game by sheer luck and personal effort and skill will be the only way to win the game. Speaking of Rummy, it is often mistaken to be a lazy game, it is only while playing it does one realize the level of alertness and observation required to plan and execute every move.

Most of us who have never played online cash games have often held the perception that betting online or playing games for money online, requires a lot of luck to win the game. Lakhs of online cash game players, especially skill-based games like online cash rummy will tell you about the amount of arduous work and dedication that one needs to put in to emerge as a winner in the game. And let’s be honest, there is a different level of joy and excitement in winning games purely on personal effort rather than sheer luck. Particularly in India, the cash rummy is one of the most popular games among the others. The primary goal in any form of Rummy is building melds consisting sets which includes three or four of a kind of the same rank. Alternatively, one can also run three of four cards in a sequence. Cash rummy game download is available for your android device outside Google Play Store platform owing to strict regulations for games offering real-cash in the form of prizes. Moreover, skill-based games are also known to develop cognitive skills and improve the hand-eye coordination. Additionally, the game also helps you focus better in everyday tasks.

Winning in online cash games is a matter of luck purely in a game of chance like the Poker or the Dream11, where one can only play by instinct without really having a game plan. But for skill-based games like the cash online rummy, depending on luck will get you nowhere unless you develop skill-set for the game and plan every move. One of the other reasons why online cash games have gained popularity today is because of the convenience it offers and gives you an opportunity to win that additional income in busy lives. On a personal level, it is always advisable to opt for skill-based games while playing online cash games, primarily because winnings will be based on your effort and when it comes to playing for money, it is better to play with your skills rather than trusting fate, isn’t it? Also, there is an old saying by Louis Pasteur, ‘Luck favors the prepared.’ For those who can read between the lines, it encourages you to try first, and the luck will play its part. Play online cash games that will put you to test, and although luck will only have a small role to play here, it will still take your side!

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