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Why Should You Use Aluminum Bottles in your Business?

Businesses nowadays have been open to the idea of using sustainable and reusable products in place of plastic, disposable ones. For any restaurant, cafe, bar, or sporting event, water bottles seem to be a staple offering as these areas typically require portable drinks. Plastic water bottles, however, are detrimental to the environment.

For one, plastic bottles make up a huge portion of solid waste, with as much as 80% of plastic bottles being thrown away, including around 60 Million bottles that go through the incinerator per day. As a result, landfills are overcrowded with plastic, bottles find their way into our oceans, and the fumes from waste incinerators are contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead of plastic water bottles, you may want to consider using aluminum water bottles for your business or event. Aluminum bottles are known to be recyclable, sustainable, and as customizable as plastic bottles are, but without the ecological footprint that comes with the production and disposal of plastic waste.

The Crystal Beverage company provides an easy-to-read infographic on the pros and cons of aluminum water bottles compared to plastic bottles, and going through the content, here are the five best reasons why you should use aluminum water bottles in your business, event, or restaurant:

Aluminum is recyclable

First off, aluminum is completely recyclable. Pure aluminum, like the ones used in cooking and baking, is endlessly recyclable – meaning the material does not deteriorate or change composition during the recycling process.

Unlike aluminum cans, most aluminum water bottles do not have a plastic liner, making the entire bottle recyclable from top to bottom as the entire thing is made only from pure aluminum. The majority of recycling centers accept aluminum bottles, while few would accept plastic-lined cans or plastic bottles for recycling.

Aluminum is sustainable

Aluminum is also a known sustainable material and is considered one of the most sustainable materials on earth. Around 70% of all aluminum products today are made from recycled aluminum instead of newly-mined aluminum.

The reason is simple: recycled aluminum uses up much less energy and resources than mining for new aluminum. Recycling aluminum only uses 5% of the energy it takes to extract pure aluminum from natural resources, especially as pure aluminum would have to be extracted from compound metals that complicate the process of aluminum production.

 Aluminum bottles are customizable

Worried about the look of aluminum bottles compared to plastic ones? Aluminum bottles are just as customizable and moldable as plastic bottles are, and you can easily apply your company or event logo on aluminum bottles for brand awareness and recognition.

Branding with eco-friendly materials is part of sustainable business practices, as consumers are drawn to businesses that practice sustainability in their products and advertisements. 77% of business executives say that associating their brands with sustainability boosts sales as well as brand loyalty on consumers.

Portable bottles are walking advertisements

Aluminum bottles are just as portable as plastic bottles and are perfect walking advertisements when customers bring them around travels, commutes, and more. Because aluminum bottles are reusable, consumers may bring your branded bottle around gyms and jogging routes as well, widening your reach for advertising.

Bottled water is a practical yet unique promotional tool that can draw in more customers to your business. Everyone needs to drink water, and offering your own customized bottled water ingrains your company and logo to potential customers, subliminally shifting their preference towards your brand instead of your competitors.

Aluminum bottles are durable

Glass bottles are alternatives to plastic bottles like aluminum bottles are, but with glass, any small impact can be powerful enough to shatter the material. This is not the case with aluminum, as the malleable material can continue to hold liquids well even when dented up.

Aluminum bottles are durable since they can withstand most blows, don’t melt easily like plastic bottles do, and can be kept at freezing temperatures for ice-cold water. Aluminum does not leach harmful chemicals like plastic does either, and can be used for hot and cold drinks.

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