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Who Should Own a Radar Detector?

November 16, 2017

Radar detectors are great tools for all drivers, especially those who you use their vehicles every day. They detect microwave emissions and then alert the driver of the presence of radar guns used by traffic police. As much as you are aware of the law and the importance of driving within the speed limits, it is easy to lose track of how fast you are driving. Furthermore, it is easy to get distracted, and by the time you realize it, traffic police pull you over and charge you for excessive speed. If you are planning to buy a radar detector and you are not sure whether it’s worth your money, here are some of the benefits.

Driving is Your Main Occupation

While it’s illegal to install radar detectors on commercial vehicles, some drivers spend almost their entire lives on the road. If you are a commercial driver, there are high chances of being pulled over by police, due to excessive speed. If your speed was way over the limit, then you can be charged with reckless driving, instead of receiving an average traffic ticket. A reckless driving conviction carries heavy fines, suspension of driving privileges and even the possibility of spending time behind bars. Furthermore, it can lead to increased insurance premiums, not mentioning a permanent criminal record. However, if you invest in one of the best radar detectors on the market, it can quickly notify you of the presence of detectors, giving you sufficient time to adjust your speed accordingly.

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Need for Speed Drivers

If you regularly find yourself driving way above the posted speed limit, then you need to invest in a good radar detector. Apart from detecting radio frequencies emitted by police radar guns, a radar detector can also detect radio waves emitted by speed trap cameras, red light cameras, as well as speed awareness signs. The warnings detected by these devices will help you to adjust to acceptable speed limits and avoid a traffic infraction.

Performance Cars

If you have recently bought a performance car like a Corvette, then you may require a slight learning curve before you can adjust to its powerful engine. Traffic police officers tend to pay more attention to performance and sports cars, especially when trying to nail down speeding offenders. Also, if you own a sports cars, there is always the temptation of speeding as you try out its powerful engine. Therefore, you will need to invest in a powerful radar detector, which will always inform you of the presence of radars in the vicinity. The best radar detector will help to avoid the hefty fines associated with speeding.

Avoiding Moving Violations

As you probably know, speeding violations across the United States are usually counted as demerit points against your driving record. Also, an accumulation of traffic tickets can lead to a suspension or loss of driving privileges. If you receive two or more speeding tickets, then you need to consider investing in a quality radar detector. It will inform you of the presence of speed traps in the vicinity, thus helping you to avoid speeding tickets. This way, you will be able to avoid the demerit points against your driver’s record and avoid suspension of driving privileges.

Increased Insurance Premiums

If you have been charged with reckless driving by speed, the chances are high that your insurance provider will increase your premiums. Drivers with a history of excessive speed are considered a risk on the road. The higher the number of speeding tickets, the higher you will have to pay for insurance coverage. Some companies might even revoke your coverage. Therefore, if you want to avoid such situations, then you need to consider owning a radar detector. It will help you to avoid speeding tickets, and thus keep your insurance rates to manageable levels.

Final Thoughts

Speeding tickets are a common occurrence on the roads. You can easily pre-pay or mail the fine, and move on with your life. However, an accumulation of these tickets can lead to suspension or loss of your driving privileges. If you are a commercial driver or you rely on your vehicle every day to run errands, then you will be highly inconvenienced. The good news is that you can avoid these situations if you invest in a quality radar detector. It will inform you of the presence of speed trap cameras, red light cameras and other devices used by traffic police to monitor speeds on the road, thus giving you ample time to adjust your speed to acceptable limits.

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