Which Countries Can Make You an Instant Millionaire?

Have you ever wondered what the first few things that come to your mind when you are planning your summer holidays are? After you make that all-important decision and you figure out which country or countries you plan to visit and select your accommodation, the next couple of things on the list include deciding which major landmarks you have to visit in that particular country, followed closely by trying to choose which delicacies from the local cuisine you must definitely check out.

But here comes the less fun part of traveling. While you always do have a budget in mind (balancing it is an entirely different matter), it never crosses your mind to think how your local currency converts into the other hundreds of currencies around the globe. Having said that, the European Union has made it very easy with the introduction of the Euro, currently used by 19 EU member states, meaning that if you are staying within the EU borders for your holiday, you don’t have to worry about other currencies and foreign exchange rates. But what happens if you are arranging to visit some distant locations? Now, with the help of a very entertaining interactive calculator from the comparison website BingoFind, you can see just how far your money will take you in some remote destinations. This can be calculated in either Sterling pounds or US dollars.

After testing out the interactive calculator and then coming across to a recently published article on the Times of India, about seven of the most underrated countries in the world that we must visit, we have decided to see how much money we actually need to be millionaires in these and some other places.

In the Philippines, which consists of more than 7,000 individual islands, you only need £14,900 to see your rank raised to a millionaire. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are planning a trip to Iran, then you only need a mere £22 to become an overnight millionaire. In total, eight countries will transform you into a millionaire with £100 or less in your bank account.

The continent of South America is another popular destination for travelers as they get to experience different cultures along with breathtaking and exotic locales. What is so fascinating is the fact that very little money will turn you into a millionaire in both Cambodia and Colombia. You only need £190 and £250 respectively to join the millionaire’s club. On the other hand, you will need a considerable amount of money, £76,100 to be precise, to find yourself in the same position if you happen to be going to Venezuela.

So, while you might not be a millionaire in your own country, next time you take a holiday, use the interactive calculator to see if your status will change depending on your travel itinerary.

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  1. Well, the currency exchange is just a reference, you are a millionaire already. But investing and profiting to get a million is not easy to achieve.

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