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car wraps
April 11, 2017

What Are Car Wraps?

Car wraps are vinyl graphics that are installed on top of a vehicle’s original or OEM paint. They are available in a variety of customized sizes to fit both smaller cars, as well as and larger vans, RVs, trailers and busses.

Quality is Everything

When it comes to car wraps, while the design is obviously a critical factor, make no mistake: quality is everything! Low-quality vinyl will peel, fade and tear, and ironically damage the advertiser’s brand rather than promote it. Low-quality car wraps also offer little or no UV protection.

To avoid the costs and inconvenience of removing, repairing or replacing a car wrap within months, many experts recommend only using high-performance car wrap vinyl made by well-known companies that specialize in this area, including Avery Dennison, Orafol, APA, 3M, and Arlon.

Advantages Of Car Wrap

There are several reasons why car wraps are growing in popularity. These include:

● Significant Cost Savings

A high-quality car wrap can cost anywhere from about $500 to a few thousand dollars. Compare this to repainting costs that can easily exceed $10,000 for a top quality job and finish.

● Enhanced Protection

As noted above, car wraps provide an added layer of protection that safeguards a vehicle from UV rays, scratches, stone chips, and more. In addition to preserving aesthetics, this also avoids costly touch-up and repainting costs.

● Higher Resale Value

Because of their protective qualities (as noted above), car wraps can boost a vehicle’s resale value. In many cases the car wrap will pay for itself, especially for an in-demand or premium vehicle, or if you have paid attention to other smart car care tips.

● Endless Options

Car dealers offer limited paint choices, simply because they cannot afford to get creative. But with car wraps, the color, shade and graphic options are essentially limitless. If you can imagine it, a car wrap can make it happen.

● Simple to Change

Changing a car wrap is fast, easy and cost-effective. You can transform the look of your vehicle whenever you wish.

● Easy Maintenance

Contrary to what some people believe, car wraps do not require excessive or costly maintenance. There is also no need to polish or wax them. A simple hand washing with soap and water literally makes them look like new, even years after installation.

The Bottom Line

Is a car wrap right for you? If you are inspired by the idea of transforming the look of your car so that it uniquely fits your preferences and personality, protecting your original or OEM paint, boosting your car’s resale value, and enjoying simple and easy maintenance, then the answer is simple: a car wrap should definitely be in your future! Happy driving.

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