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Ways Marijuana Has Changed in Recent Years

With marijuana officially becoming legal in many states not only has public opinion shifted over the past few years, but the market for sellers and consumers has as well. Now that much of the stigma regarding use has been lifted our culture has transitioned from the ‘Just Say No’ mindset from the ’90s, to new discussion showing that cannabis is not as harmful as it was once perceived to be, and to the contrary that it can have many beneficial aspects. As more and more states explore the legislation around legalization, we can expect to continue to see a rise in societal acceptance as well as innovation in the industry overall.

Legalization and Consumers

In terms of use and purchase, there has been a radical shift that has accompanied legalization. Even the process to acquire an mmj card from a marijuana doctor has become simplified and quick. You can get your medical marijuana card online in the state of Oklahoma which is a far cry from the methods of the past. What this means for consumers is that they can explore the industry safely and legally. The terms regarding legal recreational cannabis use are straightforward too making consumers feel comfortable that they are within the guidelines of their state legislature. Staff members at dispensaries must also be licensed adding an extra layer of assurance for consumers.

Health Benefits

There has been a huge rise in the acceptance level of using medical marijuana to treat several conditions. Once a considerably taboo topic adding cannabis to a patient’s treatment plan has now become commonplace. Many doctors and patients have ditched traditional prescriptions in favor of a more holistic approach. Especially concerning the treatment of chronic pain, patients are exploring medical marijuana as opposed to a lifetime of synthetic man-made drugs.

Mental health and behavioral conditions can also benefit from this form of treatment. With cannabis helping with symptoms with everything from the effects of ADHD to sleep management patients are feeling more comfortable including fitting this into their treatment plans. Legalization has paved the way for individuals to feel safe testing the waters of medicinal marijuana when before these times the law prevented them from being able to even consider it.

Product Type

When many people think of marijuana, they are thinking only of the plant form, and consumption in the traditional way, by smoking it. But there are so many new products and ways to enjoy cannabis now that it is almost hard to keep up. Different strains can be incorporated into edibles which not only gives an option for how to consume the product, but a different experience compared to smoking.

CBD oil is another popular product that has popped up with more uses in everything from massages at a spa, to drinks at a bar. The option to use oils topically is also a new wave school of thought. Much as you would use any other medicinal ointment, these oils can be directly applied to provide relief without the traditional high associated with other products.

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