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The Surging Phenomenon of Vaping E-cigarettes in the Czech Republic and EU

Across the Czech Republic and the European Union, e-cigs or electronic cigarettes have become the hottest trend since the last year. Increasingly large numbers of stores are opening on almost all the corners in cities and towns which are promoting and selling these devices for nicotine replacement. The number of smokers who are looking forward to kicking off the habit of smoking with the help of these smoking cessation tools is growing. However, the main questions which persist are whether they’re safe and work properly.

The Czech government is presently debating against the brand new rules to prevent them from all those places where smoking was prohibited from way before. The Prague based Czech Centre for Tobacco Addiction is run by Doctor Eva Kralikova, and her organization has gone through this study and found that more than one-third of the smokers have tried vaping e-cigarettes. Online e-cig sources like V2 Ecigs UK are gaining popularity in the UK and all over as more and more people have begun vaping after quitting smoking.

Efficacy of e-cigs as a smoking cessation tool

The fact is that the safety of electronic cigarettes is still not proven and it is vital to point out that these products don’t produce any smoke. These are not combustible devices, and there is nothing that burns inside them. Hence, there are not thousands of chemicals that are as harmful as smoking tobacco cigarettes. Doctors can’t recommend electronic cigarettes as they are not entirely aware of the composition and whether or not they actually are risk-free.

Medical professionals haven’t yet certified e-cigs. Why?

In the Czech Republic, e-cigarettes are presently categorized among tobacco products, and they can’t be sold off to the minors. There is something that is still unclear and under doubt, which is the nicotine level that is absorbed. An overdose can cause the same harm as classic tobacco cigarettes.

What sort of new regulation is being prepared by the Czech government?

As far as the legal regulations are concerned, the government can ban the use of electronic cigarettes where the tobacco cigarettes were forbidden. Though it is not clear whether they are much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, yet this is the process that has gone into effect.

Therefore, if you’re a resident of Czech Republic, you will have to gather more knowledge on how electronic cigarettes are being used in these areas and what legal rules and regulations are being levied on these smoking-cessation tools.

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