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August 29, 2017

Top benefits of social media in electronic health records

Beware of the crimes you may get involved online

When you turn on your computer for a relaxing browsing session before bed, you probably don’t imagine that you could end up calling a law firm. There are many cyber crimes that you need to be alert. These are in fact some of the most common crimes. It’s not just about it. However, it’s also about the accidents and the unfortunate events that lead up to people needing health care. It’s not just the bad that has taken advantage of this new platform called the internet, but also the good. Electronic solutions revolving around health care represent a major step forward for society as they bring new depth to how people register and treat their sickness. There have been talks of many different solutions, even of software that can serve as an electronic bookkeeper of sorts. However, many fail to take into account the greatest online platforms of all: social media. Social media has the potential of becoming a major asset in the evolution of health IT, and in today’s article, we are looking at how it can help.

Worldwide accessibility

Accessibility is a problem that occurs with all systems that try to collect data from as many people as they can. With social media, that is not an issue anymore because of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. that is pretty much all over the world. Wherever there is an internet connection, you can count on the massive presence of Facebook. With that said, it’s important to make use of this tool as it can bring many perks if someone were to develop a health IT solution around it.

It’s not just about reaching people but also about the way in which you are able to link people together based on different criteria on their accounts. Who knows who may have a key role on Facebook and it helps build entire webs of connections which you can trace a long way down. The same could be said about a healthcare platform powered or backed up by social media. With the resources and tracking capabilities of social media, it would be very easy for institutions and health organizations to track each individual patient, find out who their doctor is, and when their last checkup took place, or what’s their insurance status.

Less reluctance

Another problem that we often see with record tools of all types is reluctance. People are reluctant to commit to such things. The nature of their upbringing has made them distrustful of the government and third party corporations alike. This is especially seen in young adults, which have less patience for such things than some older generations. All that changes when the leading powers in each state decide to incorporate the power of social media into their solutions. Social media is an aspect of every young adult’s life, whether they want to admit it or not. With virtually everyone having a Facebook account, it becomes a lot easier to bring everyone on board and make them commit to a program that aims the bettering of a universal healthcare platform.

Stability and security

Just because there are people out there who really want what’s best for the people doesn’t mean that everyone thinks like that. For hackers and IT criminals, a health record platform is no different than any other website in the sense that they will try to break in and basically inflict as much harm as they can. With the backing of a major social media outlet such as Facebook, those overseeing the construction of a healthcare platform could easily repel attackers thanks to the advanced security and stability of social media platforms.

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