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February 9, 2018

4 Tips for Picking Up Your Business After a Marketing Fail

There’s plenty of inspirational and sometimes helpful stories on recovery from failure told by successful entrepreneurs. However, while articles like this are good for you in certain situations, they hardly help deal with your immediate business problems to prevent that dreadful all-out failure.

When speaking of marketing, many beginners, and even successful entrepreneurs despair if faced with their strategy not performing. If not handled properly, this situation can result in significant losses. Luckily, you can use some practical ways to either fix your marketing campaign ‘on the go’ or drop it entirely and launch another one to recover faster.

4 Ways to Pick Up After a Marketing Fail

1. Reassess Your Audience

Why does your marketing fail?

The answer to that question is ‘because your message doesn’t reach your audience.’ This mostly happens for two reasons:

  • Your targeted audience literally doesn’t see the message. In this case, why aren’t you already posting on social media, using paid ads, and guest posting on various niche-relevant resources? Don’t forget about promoting through influencers as well.
  • Your message isn’t relevant to the audience. This happens when you don’t understand what your potential customers want, and therefore your content falls flat.

The fix to the second problem is to see if you’ve profiled your target audience right. Next, go to portals like Creative Consumer Research, or similar to get reports on studies of consumer behavior. Your main goal here is to understand your audience and therefore understand what your current marketing campaign lacks.

2. Assess Your Website’s Performance

If you are using a variety of effective marketing channels and are confident in the quality of your content and CTAs, consider the technical performance of your website. An average website visitor today will drop the page if it doesn’t load in under 2 seconds.

Having the website crash mid-transaction or popping up 404 error pages at random are also huge problems. Either of these issues can ensure that the customer will never return to your business and leave a negative review. Hence, your marketing efforts will fail not because of the actual marketing weaknesses.

The main reason for these issues is the poor quality of your web hosting. It’s an especially pressing issue for small businesses that are using shared servers. So, now might be the time to study a useful web hosting guide. Once you are done reading about what a good host is supposed to be like, use these services to assess the performance of your website:

3. Analyze Your Strategy (if you have any)

One of the main reasons why marketing campaigns fail is that business owners only consider the tactics of promotion. What you need to do instead is to look at the ‘big picture,’ which is your strategy.

A simple example will be to task one of your employees or outsource a service of ‘social media marketing.’ When you do this as a tactic, you don’t think through your future content and its optimization or how this promotion technique will develop in the context of your current marketing plan and budget.

For a marketing campaign not to fail, you have to think it through in its entirety and do this before the launch. The simplified process looks like this:

  1. You collect and analyze the data on your target audience.
  2. You determine the most efficient ways of reaching them.
  3. You set specific campaign goals (be very detailed in those, like this).
  4. You develop steps that will allow you to achieve each individual goal.
  5. You develop content necessary for the marketing campaign.
  6. You A/B test various marketing tactics (use tools like Unbounce, VWO, GoogleAnalytics Experiments).
  7. You launch and monitor your campaign.

Any problems that can lead to your marketing fail should appear on steps 6 and 7. However, when you have a well-developed long-term plan and monitor the campaign, it will be easy to eliminate or replace underperforming elements.

4. Repurpose Your Content

If your business needs to recover after it fails despite posting good content, think about how often you post it. Developing top-quality content is expensive so the majority of small businesses cannot afford more than 2-3 exclusive pieces a month.

Posting bad content is a waste of money and time, as it will only bring your brand down. But statistics show that businesses are posting 16+ original posts on their blogs a month get 3.5 times more traffic.

You don’t need to pay for 16+ exclusive content pieces. Instead, use your analytics tools to see which of your content pieces are most popular and repurpose them. For example, you can unite several informative posts and create an e-book, or you can develop videos and infographics based on some of them. For this, you can use tools, like Animoto, Magisto, Visme, and Befunky.

The most important thing to remember to help your business recover after a marketing fail is to identify the reason for that failure and fix it as fast as possible. Even if it takes completely reworking your entire marketing strategy.

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