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Things You Can Do With a Web Browser

Before using a computer, you traditionally have to go through a few mandatory steps: install an operating system, download and install the programs you want to use, and start working (or playing). Today, in turn, you can easily skip a few and start working faster than ever thanks to the emergence of a handful of useful and handy applications that require nothing but a web browser to run. They are available in a variety of areas, helping people work and play instantly in a truly cross-platform way. Today, we’ll take a look at a few.


Let’s start with the fun part – playing. Browser-based games have been around for ages thanks in part to the spread of Macromedia’s (later Adobe’s) Flash. But Flash has fallen out of grace due to its multiple security issues and performance problems. But even with the downfall of Flash (that’s going to reach its “end of life” by 2020) we can still enjoy a vast variety of games, including Europe’s superior casino entertainment – Euro Palace – in a browser thanks to alternatives like HTML5 and Unity.

Media and TV

Streaming is becoming a go-to choice for an ever-increasing number of internet users, cannibalizing the sales of CDs (US supermarket chain Best Buy has already announced that it will stop selling music CDs soon, as will many others), DVDs, and Blu-ray disks. After all, owning a physical copy of your favorite album or movie is no longer a necessity in an era when you can simply stream any content you want in a web browser (or a mobile app). Today, you can stream not only movies, TV shows, and music in a web browser but follow the news and live TV, too, if that’s what you want.


This is where things get interesting. An ever-increasing variety of business programs are becoming browser-based – meaning that they are completely cross-platform and open for collaboration. Back in the day, it was impossible to get any work done without a licensed copy of Microsoft Office, for example. Today, many alternatives are entirely free, and many of them run in a web browser, offering all functions you may need. But office-type suites are just one of the many different services that can help you work with just a web browser – the list covers everything from photo manipulation apps to communication and collaboration tools, to-do lists and note-taking apps, accounting and invoicing software, customer relationship managers, and so on.

Soon, you won’t need anything but a basic operating system to run a web browser, along with an internet connection, to cover everything – work, fun, and play.

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