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Self Motivation Interview with Entrepreneur Rocco Basile

Rocco Basile is a freelance photography entrepreneur and the founder of Rocco Basile Photography, based in Los Angeles. He is a prominent figure in the photography industry and has had his works in galleries and published in internationally. Here we got to interview him about the importance of self-motivation when starting a new company.

Will you tell us a bit about your business?

Yes, I opened my photography company, Rocco Basile Photography, and at first, I wasn’t sure how it would work out. I just knew that it was my dream, not only to take amazing photographs but to get them out into the world. I wanted to be able to share my work on a larger scale, and this business has been perfect for that. I also mentor beginner photographers and help them to grow as artists. It is very fulfilling work to see budding artists blossom in front of my eyes. I am lucky to be able to work with many talented people.

What’s the first step to opening your own business?

The first step is the general business idea. Once you know what your business is the most important step, I think, is to get started on the actual business plan. You have to motivate yourself to plan every single detail if you want to be successful. It takes a lot of work, but it is important. Without a scheme, your business will fall apart. It also helped me to know every aspect of my company inside and out. I knew the goals, the accounting, the file, and forms. In the end, it can be tedious to own your own business, but it is also gratifying.

How do you find “self-motivation” to get things done?

That is a great question. In my youth, it was hard for me to motivate myself even though I knew I had a business that could work. All of my fears kept getting in the way. I would worry about all the road blocks I would come across and how hard it would be. That was the biggest hurdle I had to overcome. I had to get past my negative thoughts and worries and just focus on the business. Once you learn to trust yourself and become open to criticism, it suddenly becomes much easier.

Are there any tips you have to get motivated?

Currently, I use meditation. It allows me to focus more and stay more relaxed. The attitude that you bring to your company is so important because it represents the heart of your business. I want to keep a positive frame of mind for myself and my clients.

How does it feel to start your own business?

It felt scary at first, but so does anything new. It was like swimming for the first time. I had lots of practice, but now it was time to take it into the real world. Once I got the hang of it, however, it has been a breeze. I feel happy and fulfilled. It is a life accomplishment for me.

Do you have advice for other entrepreneurs like you?

Definitely. I would tell them to keep staying positive and involved. Don’t let your worries bring you down and keep your focus on the tasks ahead. A positive attitude means everything and can have an effect on your overall business morale. I would also tell them to listen to feedback as much as possible. If you are Listening to your customers and your market, you will be able to make necessary changes for your business to be as successful as possible.

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