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May 3, 2018

Security On the Rise in the U.S. The Facts You Should Know

Most of the population in the U.S. live in areas that have more private security workers than public security officers. There’s an increased demand for workers for hire to protect specific things, people and places than there are those mandated to protect the public at large. Behind high walls, razor wires and bark guard dogs that are meant to scare away the bad guys.

What most fail to realize is that all security personnel are well-trained to handle any kind of security concern. People working in the field of security are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of information, infrastructure and government institutions by watching over people and property. The following are interesting facts you need to know about the security industry and measures put in place to ensure citizens are kept safe and secure.

It is a Growing Industry

In a recent study, the security industry was estimated to be worth $350 billion. Private and public sectors alike are continually finding their assets at risk given the increased uncertainty of the modern world. Technology has advanced exponentially placing more pressure on the issue of security to identify vulnerabilities which makes the demand for specialists highly desirable. This means that with the anticipated security risks globally, more people are being trained to address issues such as natural disasters, mobile security, crime, and cybersecurity. Not only does this warrant the safety of entire world populations, but it also gives people confidence in the efforts implemented to keep them secure.

Technological Advances Intensify Security Needs

The growth of the internet over the last two decades has necessitated the need for security with regards to surveillance. There is a good number of emerging concerns such as cyber threats that demand technical skills to be addressed and keep institutions providing the service viable and the people they serve secure.

Companies and governments have invested in more complex software and specialized machines to facilitate security because items that need protecting are no longer simple physical assets. Keeping information and knowledge is becoming more important, and strategies are being put in place to facilitate this. By setting up measures that address both the abstract and tangible security concerns, governments have allowed citizens to dwell in a community that is nigh free of threats.

Educational Programs Are on the Rise

Be it information technology, criminal justice or cybercrime related concerns, programs associated with security are now on the rise. There are scores of tertiary institutions countrywide offering diplomas and even degree programs in this field given the impact of industry training. The interest in taking on these courses is growing among young people who have a passion for making the world a safe haven for all and as a means to protect themselves and those around them.

It goes without saying that the job market is swarmed with millions of millennial seeking opportunities they possibly fail to qualify for besides not having the passion for pursuing them. Security enforcement is different – it’s a calling for most that choose the path. And in addition to getting the attention of employers upon completion of course requirements, being able to protect the community from anything that could cause harm gives an individual a sense of satisfaction.

Security Enforcement is A Profession That Requires Competent Skills

Just like any other profession, security enforcement demands a specific skill set. You will feel better knowing that your needs and assets are being protected by a person who is aware of what they are doing.

Security professionals are required to possess persuasive influencing, performance, critical thinking, oral communication and decision-making skills for competency. These are nurtured by all training institutions across the U.S. to ensure that all security professionals stepping into the field have the cohesion to address concerns across a variety of industry sectors.

The Security Industry is Diverse

There is a need for security specialists throughout the country to deal with the different sectors including violent crime, terrorism, parking lot and garage security, workplace violence, access control, liability insurance, computer and network security among others. The fact that the private detective and the private investigator is a fast-growing occupation only confirms that there is a broad market for security enforcement specialists and services.

Companies are even hiring security personnel trained in IT to protect their virtual assets. This only goes to confirm that there’s concern about ensuring security enforcement across all areas that are prone to attack.

Closing Remarks

The growth of the private security industry reflects the breakdown of trust and community bonds. Despite the importance of investment in education for the society as a whole, this appears to be more of a growth industry in the US. Although government outsourcing drives private security, there are still efforts to ensure that the entire US population has access to the best service concerning security.

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