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April 28, 2019

Pros and Cons of Online Student Loans

Attending a college or university is costly. Tuition fees for a four-year course in a private college cost over a whopping $40,000 for just a year. Public universities offer courses at a lower price, but the average $10,000 is still far from affordable. Studies suggest that prices are expected to increase in the following years. It is no wonder that most individuals resort to taking out student loans. Today, over 70% of students graduate still with loans.

Financial assistance is necessary, especially for the average citizen, but the process to obtain approval for costs is tedious. People, then, look to an alternative; digital loans. Banks have also adapted to the online realm, but people still continue to search for the pros and cons of online banking. There is still some skepticism involving online transactions, so we’ve gathered this information to help you understand the pros and cons of online student loans, including some bit about these new platforms.

What are online lending platforms?

An online lending platform is a digital tool used to give loans directly from business owners (usually small-to-medium businesses) to the borrowers. Advanced software and algorithms are utilized, where customers can apply and receive funding more conveniently compared to the traditional process.

What are the pros of availing online loans?

  • It’s convenient: Getting loans online sounds like a dream; convenient and easy – and it is! The automated nature of this business is an advantage to both borrower and lender alike, with the procedure simplified and personalized. There are less stress and more chances of actually obtaining a loan. Providing assistance and solutions to customers is also easier.
  • It provides a faster process: Gone are the days of writing and filling out endless paperwork. Getting money loans online saves time and effort, avoiding long queues and painful hands. This automation also reduces waiting time for obtaining a loan.
  • It’s globally and technologically fit: With industries adapting to digital platforms here and there, it’s clear now that our future will be defined by technology. Different services are now offered such as online ATM access, custom papers from CustomEssayMeister, booking various tickets, flights, and accommodation – everything is undergoing the digital revolution. Internet loans are the next big thing.
  • Information is more accurate: Due to its nature, everything will be stored in a database. Gone are the days of painstakingly writing every single information, only for the person in charge misspell your name. These platforms efficiently scrutinize every single detail, reducing the chance of human error.

What are the cons of online loans?

  • There are security concerns: Adaptation to technology is a fairly new landscape, and there are a handful of things left to be improved. Processing personal information online can put you at risk, with your privacy being targeted. It is vital to borrow from a known business, one where there is high security. Aside from this, companies are also targeted by scammers. These scammers then pose as loan representatives and proceed to squeeze information out of unsuspecting customers. While money loans online are convenient, make sure to be wary.
  • There is a reduced face-to-face interaction: With the human factor out of the equation, these online lending platforms provide an enhanced customer service experience offering accessibility and speed. However, it is safe to say that the lack of interaction between the lender and the customer can hinder the experience in some ways. For example, explaining particular details about the business, or even finding solutions to specific problems are not yet perfected by these systems.
  • There are possible technological difficulties to be encountered: Although an effort is made to offer user-friendly platforms, the process and automation itself could fail anytime. Technology is continuously expanding and what works now may not work tomorrow. Heavy reliance on technology is also posing a problem, as when the time comes that internet access goes down, productivity will decline, rendering the business cutbacks and the customer unable to transact.
  • There is a threat to over-indebtedness: The chances of borrowers “overborrowing” are relatively high, in relevance to the ease of getting loans to provide, whether it be student loans, car loans, or housing loans. Customers who will be approved easily for loans may have a hard time paying those back. The system can make mistakes in the long run.

Online loans: What do you do now?

The digital revolution isn’t going to stop any time soon. As long as technology grows and expands, different industries and niche markets will continue to adapt. After all, it’s how you survive – the strong ones are the most adaptable. Online lending platforms have only been around for a few years, and the advancement taken since then have been huge. It’s no brainer that the services provided will continue to become better and more efficient. As students, financial assistance is necessary. While you may still have your reservations regarding obtaining online student loans, it is vital to remember that your decision must balance the scales. Assess your situation, and remember the pros and cons of online student loans before acting. Alternative solutions are always available.

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