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Playing With The Slots: An Industry Overview

What is it which attracts players to online gambling? The comforts of home, a smoke-free environment, the expense and inconvenience of travel, and an increasingly internet-centric world all play their part. But there’s another thing to consider: All that time and money spent on travel and plane tickets and hotel rooms could just as easily be spent gambling, at any time of day or night; no reservations, no strenuous or stressful travel itinerary.

For whatever reason, online gambling is one of the hottest ways to game. Sports betting has spearheaded the industry, but online slots are fast on the rise, bringing Vegas-style thrills to people all over the world and making some of them unbelievably rich.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, the UK alone generated £2.0 bn between Oct. 2017 and Sept. 2018, up 1.7% from the previous year. That’s how popular online gambling is.

But playing the best slot sites online means doing a little research, and that’s just what we’ve done for you! Here are the best slot sites online and why:

  • Diamond Reels Casino supports Bitcoin (not all sites do) and has jackpots which currently exceed $6,000,000 (US). It’s a no-fuss site, so it’s easy to use for beginners and regular players alike. Diamond Reels Casino also offers video poker, specialty games, table games, and more.
  • Bet 365 offers superior player security, with over 1.5 million regular players in a hundred different countries worldwide. This site also features all the most popular slots, including Marvel’s popular series highlighting their famous superheroes, games from South Park, and others. It should be a popular site with younger players.
  • Betfair has become a one-stop-shop for online gaming, growing from a pioneer of sports betting to a leader in online gameplay, particularly slots. The site is strictly regulated so that players can enjoy security along with their gaming thrills. As with many such websites, Betfair offers a welcome bonus, particularly popular among UK betters. Free spins are also in the offing to new players at Betfair.
  • William Hill Casino Slots offers a dazzling array of slots, so playing the best slots online has never been easier. William Hill Casino offers top-quality support and customer service as well, and a hefty welcome bonus. It’s little wonder William Hill attracts so many players.
  • Mr. Green Casino is a newcomer to online gambling. Unlike William Hill, which dates back to the 1930s, Mr. Green is a child of internet gambling, which puts the site on the forefront of online slot technology. Old-fashioned sports betting and bingo make way for slots, slots, and more slots! The site’s also well-organized, so finding your favorite online slots are more accessible than ever. It’s a cool, sleek, modern site, which is attractive to younger gamers, the hip crowd. Great support and generous welcome bonuses make Mr. Green a very cool choice.
  • 10Bet Casino Slots features the popular NetEnd games known to gamers as top-flight slots, making it one the top choices for slot aficionados worldwide. The site has also embraced mobile gaming too, featuring an IOS app for gambling on the go.
  • Paddy Power Casino is popular with new players as it offers simple access to play you can play without signing up. It has all the popular games, featuring TV-inspired games like The Sopranos and Britain’s Got Talent. Twenty-four-hour support is readily available, quick, and courteous.
  • Other honorable mentions should include PP Casino, NetBet, 888 Casino, bgo, Eurogrand.

This list includes customer service reviews, overall benefits and offerings, security, and availability worldwide and particularly in Europe. There are plenty of other sites more readily available for US and Canadian gamers, many with regional favorites. But playing the best slots online in Europe will probably bring gamblers to one of the sites listed above. They’ll be able to enjoy the thrills and possible glory and fortune of a trip to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Tokyo, or any of the great gambling meccas without ever having to step out of their front doors. It’s just another boon of the internet era, and it’s only going to become more popular in the years to come.

Good luck, have fun, and dream big!

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