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garage door
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10 Garage Door Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Your garage door keeps your family secure, compliments the architectural style of your home, and can even help you save money on energy bills. You may take it for granted, but because it’s a large, moving object, it’s important always to make sure you practice garage door safety. After all, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety… Keep Reading

Douglas Pitassi
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Interview With Douglas Pitassi, Travel Writer Extraordinaire

Douglas Pitassi is one of the most famous expert travelers and writers working today. He has enchanted people with his suave, yet adventurous character and his ability to convey complex images and experiences in terms everyone can understand. He’s the globetrotting older brother everyone wish they had. He recently took a few minutes to talk… Keep Reading

Martin J. Stallone
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Martin J. Stallone Interviewed About Land and Property Development

Martin J. Stallone acts as the Executive Vice President of Land Development and Managing Director of Metropolitan Development Group (MDG). With over 20 years of experience in strategic development and municipal and structured finance, he has brought immense local success to MDG. In addition to his experience at MDG, he has also held the roles… Keep Reading

Scott Groza
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Groza Learning Center Founder Scott Groza Interviewed

Scott Groza is Co-Founder of the Groza Learning Center situated in Pacific Palisades, California. His facility specializes in offering individualized assessments, tutoring, and test preparation. With over ten years of teaching under his belt, Scott Groza has formulated a successful curriculum to provide students with the most efficient, challenging, and satisfying learning experience. Please tell… Keep Reading

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6 Common Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

One of the most common reasons why people call a towing company is because they just can’t get their cars to start. They may be stranded at home, on the side of the road, or in a parking lot of a store, restaurant, or business. Whatever the location, it can be frustrating to turn the… Keep Reading

Lewis Syring
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Interview with Marketing Expert Lewis Syring

Lewis Syring is a highly successful, much sought-after business marketing consultant based in Los Angeles, California. He has been instrumental in helping companies in a wide range of industries to establish their brands and enjoy incredible international success. The creativity and innovations of Lewis Syring have earned him numerous accolades and awards and made him famous… Keep Reading

Matthew David Parker
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Interview with Photographer Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker is the co-founder and principal of Matthew David Parker Photography, a company providing both studio photography and on-site services while taking full advantage of the most cutting-edge technological developments. With a great deal of leadership experience after serving as the CEO of Krystal Perkins Media Group (Chicago), Mr. Parker’s insight and expertise… Keep Reading

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Czech Gaming Regulations Too Restrictive?

Only a few weeks ago, Prague Post published an article regarding the iGaming industry and its progress so far, given the introduction of new Czech gambling regulations only this January (even though the bill was passed in 2016). The article discussed the fact that gaming software powerhouse Playtech signed a deal to bring their extensive… Keep Reading

vehicle wraps
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Do’s and Don’ts for Keeping Vehicle Wraps Looking New

Vehicle wraps (also called car wraps) are among the smartest and most cost-effective ways to advertise a business. Research by the American Trucking Association (ATA) revealed that over 90 percent of people notice vehicle wraps, the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurements found that a vehicle wrap can generate as many as 70,000 impressions in… Keep Reading

dim weight changes
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How to Reduce Rate Hikes Caused by DIM Weight Changes

If you use FedEx or UPS to ship products to customers locally, regionally or nationally within the U.S., then you are probably aware that the volumetric divisor has been lowered — and this will drive up your shipping costs. The volumetric divisor is used to calculate the dimensional (DIM) weight of parcels shipped domestically. In… Keep Reading

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