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wagering casino
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What are wagering requirements for Czech Players?

The online casino industry continues to thrive in the Czech Republic despite the introduction of new regulatory restrictions in early 2017. The legislation, which imposed significant tax increases on gaming companies operating within the country, did not lead to a mass exodus of leading gaming firms as first feared. Royal Panda exited early, but significant… Keep Reading

seo marketing
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10 Things You Can Do to Convert Website Traffic from SEO

You’ve got a website and you’re driving SEO traffic to it, but does it even convert the visitors that land on it? It’s important to pay attention to how people are interacting with the web design of your site and make changes to help them buy, contact and interact longer. If you’re not familiar with… Keep Reading

casino roulette wheel
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Complaint Service Returns 10m

AskGamblers has reached yet another milestone and surpassed everyone’s expectations. Namely, this online casino portal has managed to return a whopping $10,000,000 of delayed and unfairly declined or confiscated money to players so far – all through their Casino Complaint Service! For the sake of comparison, just at the beginning of 2017 the total amount… Keep Reading

Mark Yonker
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Marc Yonker Interview About Personal Injury Law

Marc Yonker, one of the co-founders of Winters & Yonker, is a respected attorney known for his expertise in personal injury law. Inspired to become an attorney at a young age by a close friend of the family, Mr. Yonker decided to found a personal injury law firm in Tampa, Florida, with Bill Winters, who… Keep Reading

Noelle Neff
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Noelle Neff Drives Innovation To Focus On People in Photography

Noelle Neff is a professional photographer and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Noelle Neff Photography. Her portfolio includes weddings, sports, travel, art, and portraits. Her passion for capturing wedding memories has driven her to win multiple awards and honors. She is excited about the array of human emotions on display as well as… Keep Reading

banco casino
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Gambling in the Czech Republic: An Industry Overview

Gambling in one form or another was present in humanity’s life since before history has been recorded. It was always a tool for spending time and taking risks, which – once it has taken organized forms – has represented a source of income both for the state and the people offering the service (and sometimes… Keep Reading

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The debate over gaming regulations continue

The history of the debate over lax or tight regulation is not new in the Czech Republic. Yet, the recent tighter regulations have brought it to the fore again. There have been serious disagreements between the city officials and the Finance Ministry over this issue. In fact, Prague’s municipal police in 2007 went so far… Keep Reading

Car Accident
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Don’t know what kind of insurance to get? Here are the most common types

When you’re trying to stay on top of your finances, there are a lot of elements you need to consider. Everything from knowing about taxes to understanding credit scoring, and even preventing long-term damage with insurance, it’s all part of how you successfully keep yourself afloat and make sure you don’t run into money problems.… Keep Reading

social media
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Top benefits of social media in electronic health records

Beware of the crimes you may get involved online When you turn on your computer for a relaxing browsing session before bed, you probably don’t imagine that you could end up calling Van Norman Law. There are many cyber crimes that you need to be alert. These are in fact some of the most common… Keep Reading

Nationwide Debt Direct Peter Jacoves
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Interview with Peter Jacoves of Nationwide Debt Direct

A veteran strategic entrepreneur with a reputation for innovation, Peter Jacoves currently serves in the role of CEO with Nationwide Debt Direct. Before assuming his role, Mr. Jacoves founded Richmond Title Services and created, developed, and launched the Fuel Rewards Program, both of which proved to be remarkably successful endeavors. Where did the idea come… Keep Reading

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