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July 28, 2021

As online scams rise, is a return to pre-paid cards what we need?

There is no doubt that the internet has been a truly wondrous invention for people around Prague and the whole of Europe. When you think of the sheer number of activities that rely on the internet to function (such as social media, video calls, emails, and music streaming) it is obvious how useful it has been. As with anything in life, though, there are always malicious individuals waiting to exploit newer tech, such as the internet, for their gains.

As a result, online crime and scams have risen steadily in recent years. This now sees cybercrime set to cause $6 trillion in annual damage by the end of 2021. While businesses are naturally a target, individuals also need to be careful when using the internet. For those in Prague and beyond, being aware of potential scams and avoiding them when online is essential.

This is particularly true when paying for goods online or putting money into online accounts. To help with this, many are now calling for a return to pre-paid cards to battle online crime. But what are they and how could this help?

What are pre-paid cards?

In simple terms, pre-paid cards are cards that you buy, which have the amount that you paid loaded onto them to spend. The most popular pre-paid card around for many is Paysafecard, but there are others available, such as Neteller and Skrill. After buying the pre-paid card, you activate it by entering the PIN on the card into the online site where you plan to use it. As well as buying physical pre-paid cards to use, many companies in this field now also let you buy cards online.

But where would you use such a card? A good example is using a Paysafecard at online casinos for players in places such as Poland and Prague. Once you have purchased your Paysafecard, you simply enter your 16-digit PIN code to instantly begin playing fun casino games. As you can imagine, these cards can also come in handy for sites where you can make online purchases of goods or services.

What benefits do pre-paid cards deliver to beat online scams?

As with avoiding the most common mistakes when sending money internationally, it is important to know what to do to stay safe when spending money online. There are many benefits to pre-paid cards but they certainly come into their own when tackling online crime. Perhaps the main reason for this is the anonymity and safety they give to users. This is because you do not have to provide your bank details to deposit into an online account. As a result, your details are not there to be stolen if scammers hack into a reputable website or you have had the misfortune to use a scam site.

The other excellent feature these cards have concerning online crime is they hold only the value on the card. If you were to fall foul of a scam site or online hackers, they would only be able to take the amount you had left on the pre-paid card. This can save you a lot of money when compared to scammers having access to your bank account.

Of course, using a pre-paid card is also a lot less hassle if you do become a victim of online criminals. If this were to happen, you would not worry about canceling debit/credit cards or contacting your bank about your accounts. As they only have access to the pre-paid card amount and none of your bank/personal details, there is a lot less aggravation involved. It is key to note that pre-paid cards have the same excellent security as debit or credit cards – as such, they are very tough for cybercriminals to hack directly.

Pre-paid cards could help tackle online scams

The rise of online crime is certainly a worry for people within Europe and beyond. It is therefore vital to find ways to have fun online in total safety. This will keep you protected from scams and out of the reach of cybercriminals. For peace of mind with activities such as online casino games or online shopping, pre-paid cards seem a good solution – this is especially true when comparing them to bank transfers or using e-wallets.

The anonymity they provide is something that gets to the heart of staying secure online and is particularly appealing. When you factor in how easy they are to find online or in physical shops, and the control they give you in terms of how much you can spend, they are well worth considering.

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