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Mark Yonker
October 1, 2017

Marc Yonker Interview About Personal Injury Law

Marc Yonker, one of the co-founders of Winters & Yonker, is a respected attorney known for his expertise in personal injury law. Inspired to become an attorney at a young age by a close friend of the family, Mr. Yonker decided to found a personal injury law firm in Tampa, Florida, with Bill Winters, who shares the reputation of his co-founder as an aggressive and intelligent personal injury attorney.

Is there a strategic approach you tend to prefer when working with a new client?

Right from the outset, we strive to keep things simple when working with a new client. During our first meeting with the client, we make sure that we understand his or her unique legal needs as well as any specific goals or concerns they may have. With each client’s specific goals in mind, we then develop a strategy that simply focuses on getting the client the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Why did you choose to focus on personal injury law?

There are actually quite a few reasons I chose to pursue a career as a personal injury attorney. While growing up in Pennsylvania, one of my father’s closest friends was a practicing personal injury attorney, and I found myself inspired by what he was able to accomplish for his clients. Over the years, I saw how people struggling in the wake of an injury or accident were made to feel powerless against large and powerful insurers. These experiences further emboldened me to pursue a career in which I could fight for justice while offering help and support to people during a time of need.

Why do you think those in need of a personal injury attorney ultimately select Winters & Yonker?

We have a reputation as aggressive litigators along with a long track record of success, but I think the fact that we understand what our clients are going through and recognize the struggles they are facing is the main reason our clients seek our legal help. Knowing how devastating a personal injury might be, we work tirelessly in support of our clients and in defense of their rights.

Throughout my career as a personal injury attorney in Tampa, residents have learned that I’m always willing to meet with a client at any time or place, whether it is at home or in the hospital, and it is the goal of every attorney at our firm to reduce the stress our clients experience so they can simply focus on the recovery process and spend time in the company of family and close friends.

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