Kobe Digital: A Marketing Company In Hollywood

Based in the heart of Hollywood, Kobe Digital is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after digital marketing companies on the scene. Since its founding in 2016, it has worked with dozens of small businesses and national brands to create marketing campaigns that address the particular needs of each client. From analytics to web design, Kobe Digital offers several services as part of its holistic approach to marketing.

Services Offered

Few other digital marketing agencies offer the broad range of services available at Kobe Digital. Their team of experts can help you ramp up your presence to reach more than 2 billion people using social media around the world. If your website leaves a lot to be desired or you don’t even have one, you can take advantage of their web design services. Keep your online reputation with Kobe’s digital PR assistance, as well. Some of the other services the company offers include analytics, media, creative, marketing automation, email marketing, branding, SEO, strategy, and much more. The agency also specializes in advertising to Millennials through cutting-edge practices.

To come up with a specific plan for a company’s digital marketing needs, the staff at Kobe Digital will reach out to potential clients to learn more about the details of their businesses. They do this not just to understand what services those businesses need, but to build long-lasting relationships.

The Team Behind the Company

Arya Bina, who became an entrepreneur at the age of 16, founded Kobe Digital in February 2016 with a goal to “enable, empower, and enlighten small business owners through the power of digital marketing.” Business Insider once named him one of the “Most Powerful People in Tech,” but Bina, who currently serves as CEO of Kobe Digital, credits his diverse team as the reason for the company’s almost instant success. Before coming to work for the company, his employees spent time in fields ranging from insurance and engineering to travel and graphic design. This allowed each to bring something unique to the business.

It seems to be paying off. Just four months after opening its doors in the saturated Los Angeles market, Kobe Digital found itself ranked as the seventh-best digital marketing company and seventh-best company for local SEO by TopSEOs.com. In a press release, Bina said, “There are a lot of [digital marketing companies] here, both regarding startups and more established firms. Our diversity and company values help us distinguish ourselves. The challenge has been making sure that we can continue to communicate our unique value proposition to both our clients and our investors.”

What are their clients saying?

A quick Google search will prove to you why you may want to trust this Los Angeles-based boutique agency with your online marketing needs. Rave reviews from previous and current clients are plentiful. Kobe Digital’s 99% retention rate backs up that praise. On their website, you will find references and positive feedbacks from the CEOs and managers of everything from car rental facilities to skin care companies.

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