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Interview with Marketing Expert Lewis Syring

Lewis Syring is a highly successful, much sought-after business marketing consultant based in Los Angeles, California. He has been instrumental in helping companies in a wide range of industries to establish their brands and enjoy incredible international success. The creativity and innovations of Lewis Syring have earned him numerous accolades and awards and made him famous worldwide.

How did you become involved in business marketing?

Syring: I have been involved in marketing practically my entire life. As a teenager, I helped my parents to expand the reach of their clothing company to encompass adolescents and young, urban professionals. I even showed the yearbook committee in my high school how to sell advertising in the yearbook to have it pay for itself and turn a profit.

What are the essential elements necessary to successfully market a company?

Syring: Being able to help companies to establish their business as a quality brand and tap into the most lucrative markets is essential. Success sells. When a brand is associated with success, consumers are more apt to try their products and services. For example, we have been able to help some well-known American brands make inroads in markets in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America because people know they are associated with quality products.

Who has been your most important influences?

Syring: I grew up in the generation that was heavily influenced by television. So it was not so much a person that influenced me to get involved with marketing as it was the medium. I intuitively understood what sells because I have seen brands establish themselves and become powerful through their marketing efforts. The quality of their products may not have been any better than their competition, but the manner in which they represented themselves and the spokespeople with whom they were identified made people associate them with quality and success.

What book would you recommend people interested in business marketing read?

Syring: The book I would recommend is an old school classic. It’s called ‘The Hidden Persuaders’ by Vance Packard. It delves into the psychology behind marketing and looks at what motivates people to buy a particular products or brand. It deals with the science behind successful marketing campaigns and looks at things like the impact colors have on motivating people to buy specific products. He also has another book called ‘The Status Seekers’ that talks about how to make people buy more expensive products.

What are two important keys to successful marketing campaigns?

Syring: Two of the most important keys to successful marketing are information and images. Companies that can flood the market with positive information about their brand and what it has to offer tend to dominate the market. This is particularly true if they have the right images associated with their brand. Young, healthy, good-looking, well-dressed, stylish models help companies to do well. If they are combined with simple, powerful messages, the buying public is almost powerless to resist them.

But doesn’t humor help to make brands memorable?

Syring: A funny commercial may stick in people’s minds, but unless the images associated with it are powerful, likable ones, people won’t buy the product. People will remember funny lines and slapstick humor from Jerry Lewis in a commercial, but they don’t want to look like him so that they won’t buy the product. However, if you have a young, sexy model delivering the same lines, people tend to be more interested in buying the product.

What is the most important rule in marketing?

Syring: Pay attention to the needs and interests of your target market.

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