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Interview with Keith Bansemer of My Patriot Supply

Keith Bansemer is the VP of the company My Patriot Supply. Now he is a successful marketing representative with over twenty years of marketing experience and eCommerce experience. Before he worked as a marketing VP, Keith Bansemer spent over ten years as a radio host. With decades worth of knowledge and experience he knows how to lead and run a company. Today he gave us some insight into his company and a glimpse into the personal life of a successful businessman. Here are some of the questions he answered.

What was your very first job?

My first job at twelve was a paperboy. I remember getting up before dawn to ride my bike down the street with a stack full of newspapers. My mother didn’t want me working at first, but they could see how serious I was about getting up each day and getting to work. I guess I have always been pretty serious when it comes to my jobs.

Can you tell us more about your company?

Yes, I would be happy to. My Patriot Supply provides survival equipment and supplies to people all over the country, but at an affordable cost. There were too many companies out there trying to take advantage of people who needed survival gear. That is not us. We represent the customer, and our goal is to make sure they are as prepared as possible for any emergency scenario and self-reliance.

What do you mean by self-reliance?

A: Self-reliance is the ability to survive off the grid, without the aid of our modern society. For example, those who go hiking need to know a certain amount of self-reliant skills. In case they get lost in the wilderness these kinds of skills can keep them alive. Knowing what to do to keep warm, what is safe to eat, how to find water… all of these things are self-reliance. Our companies’ goal is to make sure people are prepared enough to survive when going off the grid. If they can make it for at least seventy-two hours, then they have a much better chance of being rescued or getting to safety.

When did you start at the company?

I joined the company at the start of 2016, and I am elated to be working here. I love my job. We have a great business model, a caring and hard-working staff and a love for the job and the customers we serve. It is a great company. It provides people with a means of survival during an emergency situation. I can’t tell you how many people have thanked us for what we do. Sometimes they send us letters telling us about how our products helped their life safely. Others send pictures of their survival food storage. That is the most rewarding part of this job. The possibility that what we are doing could save someone’s life makes the stakes all the more important. It is very rewarding, and I can’t wait to see what the years to come will bring us.

Do you feel successful in your career?

Yes, I feel successful. Also, there’s a great sense of pride for what I have been able to do with my life. I spent over ten years in the world of morning talk radio, which was a whirlwind for me. It was a great experience. Now I have worked for almost two decades in marketing, and I love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love working for My Patriot Supply. It is like a family we have created here. I think a lot of my co-workers would say the same and are as passionate as I am about your mission to help Americans become self-reliant.

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