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Interview with entrepreneur and author Grace Lever

Grace Lever is a highly decorated female entrepreneur, author, and speaker whose mission is to empower and equip women with business skills that will enable them to create profitable lifestyle businesses. Grace is the Founder of  The Doing Academy and is a staunch advocate for the benefits of doing and getting things done. In line with her philosophy of doing, her community boasts close to 10,000 highly dedicated women entrepreneurs. She is also behind many successful online businesses. Lever’s skill set includes Business Process Automation, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Project Management and Start Ups.

Digital marketing is one of the tools she uses to train women. Her works have been highlighted in various print media and online publications, including The Daily Telegraph, The Advertiser, League of Extraordinary Women and Startup Weekend. Lever previously served as the Adelaide Ambassador of the League of Extraordinary Women and the Director of Automate My Biz. She also served as Project Consultant at AMP Project from December 2011 to June 2012 and NBN Co Limited for seven months, from June 2011 to December 2011. Lever holds a Bachelor of Business in Event Management and is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant. She and her family lived in Sydney for many years before moving to Adelaide Hills.

What city were you born?

I grew up in Sydney but currently live in the Adelaide Hills, which is my most preferred place to live thanks to its magical nature, landscapes and vibrant community. The other attractions I could easily point out include the rich food experiences, outdoors activities and wineries and cellar doors.

Did you attend University or college?

I graduated in 2009 from the International College of Management in Sydney with a Bachelor of Business degree in Event Management. In 2011, I attended LIV Training to study Workplace Training & Assessment. I also hold several certifications and awards. Because of my foundation and commitment in empowering women entrepreneurs, I have received numerous live workshops offers.

What was your first job?

I took up my first job in 2011 as the Project Consultant of the telecommunication firm, NBN Co Limited. I served there for seven months from December 2011 to June 2012. I worked with various clients including national and state governments, fiber optic companies and telecommunication startups. Today, I run several online businesses, which I have streamlined and automated to make it easier for me to focus on growing the GraceLever community of entrepreneurs.

When you were starting out, did you face any challenges? If so how did you overcome them?

It is normal to face challenges in the workplace, more so if you have set the bar too high. I must confess there were times I used to feel like I have made a huge miscalculation, but my principle of doing has always kept me going. Through this principle, I have overcome numerous challenges and thankfully made it to where I am today.

What achievement are you proud of and why?

Good question! There are many accomplishments that I can pinpoint, however, the most outstanding was building a seven-figure business for the first time. I am also excited about the opportunity I have of working with women who want to transform their business dreams into reality.

What goals are you working on?

My entrepreneurial success stems from the philosophy of getting things done and the support I continue to receive from the community. I see a lot of opportunities in digital marketing, which is one of my strong areas. The bright spots exist in niche segments like Big Data management, social media, content marketing, digital workforces and artificial intelligence.

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