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Interview with Dr. Karl Jobst

Dr. Karl R. Jobst DDS, FICOL, FAGD is the proprietor of the hugely successful Grand Lake Dental based in the small town of Grove, Oklahoma. Grand Lake Dental is today a thriving dental practice that offers non-invasive dental treatment procedures using state-of-the-art equipment. The areas of treatment include orthodontics, oral maxillofacial surgery, restorations and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Karl Jobst developed an interest in dentistry at an earlier age and followed his passion through by enrolling in dental school. He studied at the Missouri State University for his undergraduate degree and later enrolled at the University of Tennessee College of Dental Medicine to advance his academic pursuit. When he entered the dental practice, Dr. Karl Jobst immediately recognized the need to offer high quality of care. Following his impressive performance, he joined a select group of dentist in Oklahoma to receive a fellowship from the famed Academy of General Dentistry and the International College of Oral Implantology.

Where did the idea to start Grand Lake Dental come from?

The moment I decided to enroll in dental school, I knew my future career was cut out. I have always desired to serve in an industry where innovation and cutting edge technology plays a fundamental part. Although I grew up near Lamar, Missouri I quickly recognized the Grand Lake area as an ideal place to live and work.

How is your typical day like?

Pretty compacted I must admit. The first thing I do when I get into the office is perused through the in-tray and day’s schedule before reviewing my patient’s history. I also take the earliest opportunity to brief my staff members, and what awaits them before the patients arrive so we can kick-start the day well organized.

How do you bring new talents?

First and foremost, hiring a wrong person can significantly impact the future of any organization, with serious consequences. I am always connected and try to lead by example to influence my employees. I believe new talents should be trained on what to expect from day one.

How do you make money?

Our resolve as a trusted dental practice is to treat patients by providing quality dental care. With $100, a patient visiting our practice can get complimentary consultation, X-ray, and exams. We always try our best to align our charges, according to the services provided, which means patients don’t have to pay to find out what is wrong.

How do you market your business? What works best?

We undertake various marketing procedures. Besides what we did during the initial campaign, we do our level best to offer patients the best care possible as a strategy to capture the hearts of our patients and promote referrals. It is our most robust marketing strategy.

As an entrepreneur, what do you do most often and would recommend to others?

I always encourage my patients to give us a feedback every time they visit. We use the information we gather to address areas of weakness and ensure our services remain top notch.

State one strategy that helped you grow your business? Please explain.

Our investment in advanced treatment tools has gone a long way to producing better outcomes. I believe any successful dental practice must be attuned to the latest technological advances and treatment procedures.

What business idea would you offer to others?

I believe the experience I have gathered over the years in my dental practice can be borrowed and replicated elsewhere. For one to come up with a successful business, hard work should form the centerpiece. I know many people become complacent after getting their degree and that shouldn’t be the case.

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