The Importance of Spring Rings and Extension Springs

What do you know about the springs that help you use everyday items? If you wear a watch, bracelet, or other pieces of jewelry, chances are you use spring rings in the clasps and fasteners. Inside garage doors and outdoor toys such as trampolines, extension springs provide the tension that makes those items work. If you need to repair one of these everyday items, you should be sure to find spring rings or extension springs that are high in quality and backed by a reputation for durability.

Extension Springs

Despite the name extension springs, these steel springs actually provide very little in the way of extension along the coil. Instead, they serve to provide tension, extending other items that they are connected to while still allowing those items enough flexibility that they won’t break when a person applies pressure. A good example of extension springs in action is a trampoline. The steel springs hold the elastic canvas tightly enough to provide bounce, while still providing enough flexibility that the surface doesn’t tear when a person jumps on it. If you have ever noticed a steel spring providing tension on a gateway or fence, you have seen an extension spring in action.

Spring Rings

Spring rings don’t look at all like you might expect steel springs to appear, as they lack the traditional coils that people associate with these simple machines. Nonetheless, they function in the same manner as another steel spring, providing tension to move an item while making sure that it stays in place when necessary. You can find spring rings in jewelry and other items that require clasps. The steel spring provides enough tension to keep the clasp shut at all times unless the user actively opens it, in which case the spring has enough flexibility to allow the item to open with ease. Spring rings are used almost exclusively in jewelry, although their close cousins, retaining rings, can be found in other equipment.

Manufacture and Maintenance

While they both serve different functions, spring rings and extension springs still have similar compositions and makeups. They both require high-quality steel to provide sufficient tension for the tasks for which they are created. In addition to the tension requirement, the quality of steel has to be high enough that the spring can handle hundreds, if not thousands, of uses throughout its lifespan. While fixing a damaged spring is usually more trouble than just finding a suitable replacement, you can still keep these springs in good maintenance by limiting the amount of unnecessary stress they are under. Constantly opening and closing a spring ring, for example, can age it before its time.

Regardless of which of these springs you need, it’s vital to seek out a manufacturer that makes high-quality steel springs and provides them at an affordable price. You should think of springs just like you think of any other tool. When you buy a quality tool, it does its job. That’s why it’s always worth looking for the best springs on the market.

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