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March 2, 2018

iGaming industry comparison between US, UK, and Europe

Some of the best casinos in the world can be found in cities like Macao, China; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Monte Carlo, Monaco. These cities are home to luxurious resorts, exquisite boutiques, fine restaurants, and immense casino floors. Visiting these cities and their amenities are often once-in-a-lifetime experiences for those who love to gamble. But, the gambling does not have to end when your holiday does. Online casinos can replicate the excitement that is often experienced in these vacation destinations.

Traveling to casinos around the world can be a challenge for people who enjoy gambling. Fortunately, online casinos are available all over the world. Most iGaming websites have games that are similar to what players find in their favorite casinos around the world. And, like the casinos in Las Vegas, Macao, and Atlantic City, they are highly regulated with gaming licenses that vary widely. While it is possible to access online casinos and bingo sites from all over the world, it is not possible for everyone to deposit money and play to win. All of the rules with iGaming depend on where gamblers live and what the rules for online gaming are.

Online Gaming in the EU

In the European Union, gaming licenses vary dramatically between the different countries. The European Commission, which does not license or control gambling in EU countries, is working to develop a framework for online gaming in the EU. According to this commission, online gaming is used by approximately 6.8 million consumers in the EU. Currently, iGaming in the EU is mixed as some countries have licensing programs that allow for entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses. There are also some countries with online casinos that are monopolies that do not allow for new investments. There are also some countries that do not allow anyone to operate within their borders. These various iGaming laws and practices create friction between countries as the EU relies on open borders.

Easy Online Gambling in the UK

The laws of iGaming in England are straightforward. If an online casino website is adequately licensed, anyone in the UK who is over 18 years of age can deposit money into the website and play the games. There are several ways to deposit money into iGaming sites, like credit cards and bank transfers. Most sites also accept deposits from eWallets and online payment apps like PayPal.

Gaming in the UK is generally safe and fair. The games have to be certified by the Gambling Commission. Just like at brick-and-mortar casinos, gamblers can choose the games they want to play. Most online casinos and bingo sites include slots, card games, roulette, and so much more. Many online casinos offer substantial bonuses when new players make deposits to drive business. Of course, there are rules for accessing the bonuses, so be sure to read the rules before you choose to patronize an iGaming site.

Restricted Online Gambling in the USA

In the United States, online gaming laws are rather strict even for online bingo sites. While almost all states have government-run lotteries, bingo halls, and small-scale card rooms, online gaming is limited because of the Interstate Wire Act of 1961. This law was enacted to limit the power of crime bosses who often used the telephone to conduct sports betting. Another law called The Professional, and Amateur Sports Protection Act prohibits betting on sports, especially by anyone who is involved in the government. Finally, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act also creates challenges for the online gaming marketplace as it makes it difficult for people to deposit and withdraw money from iGaming sites.

Despite all of the ways the United States government attempts to control online gaming, there are still sites that offer gamblers opportunities to win and lose money. But, there are also individual states that do not allow any online site and some of them have no laws at all about online gambling. Some of the states allow online lottery play, others grant access to users to online casino sites – as long as the casinos are located in the U.S. To access these sites, users have to allow the websites to access their physical locations while playing. As online gambling becomes more popular around the globe, state governments in the US are looking at making changes. Some states have decided to embrace the opportunities that iGaming brings to the economy.

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