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How to Keep Yourself Safe at Work

Whether you are working at a construction site or in an office building, you are never really safe from certain risks. With the International Labor Organization estimating more than 340 million work-related accidents annually, there are certain occupational hazards you will need to watch out for and it’s always important to avoid these risks whenever you can. Keep safe and protect your health by following these important tips towards better workplace safety:

1. Take safety protocols to heart

Regardless of the nature of your job, it’s always important to follow your employer’s policy towards onsite safety. In an industrial environment, you are required to wear hard hats, goggles, and gloves. Although you are less exposed to hazardous conditions in an office facility, you should still take heed of safety protocols, especially if the workplace is undergoing a complete renovation or a new building or facility is being constructed nearby. It pays to obey, and given the fact that we are still amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you will have to start taking safety seriously, even if it gives you a slight inconvenience.

2. Keep stress levels to a minimum

High stress and anxiety levels can affect your ability to make quick decisions and be more mindful of what’s happening around you. You should be able to develop an effective approach to dealing with stress. Effective stress management can also improve your cognition and prevent the onset of heart problems, sleeplessness, depression, and other conditions and diseases that are often associated with stress.

3. Know where you are working

Check the area where you are working and see how susceptible it is to certain risks such as a fire. Is your workstation near the fire exit? Is it close to fire hazards such as piles of paper and cardboard? You will need to point this out to your supervisor and request a transfer to a less risky area. If your workplace is located in an older building, you will need to know if there are areas where there are high levels of asbestos contamination. Asbestos is a carcinogenic material that still exists in establishments that were built before the 1990s. If your employer wasn’t able to inform you about such a risk, you might want to contact a law firm that’s fighting for asbestos victims.

4. Engage your co-workers 

Workplace safety is not just the responsibility of the management. It involves the entire organization. Hence, the best way you can improve safety is to discuss what needs to be improved around the site and if certain safety equipment is compliant with international standards. It’s also important to focus on fixtures that need to be repaired lest they become a danger to the life and limb of your co-workers. Doing your part when it comes to workplace safety goes a long way.

Making a living doesn’t have to involve putting your health and safety on the line. Follow the tips above and continue to work without the interference of sickness or injury.

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