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How Does a Diesel Particulate Filter Protect Your Health?

A diesel particulate filter cleaner is an essential component in a catalytic converter that helps to reduce the harmful content of exhaust emissions. When used properly, the diesel particulate filter effectively “scrubs” the exhaust, removing harmful particulates that the naked eye can’t see. The actions performed by a functional diesel particulate filter cleaner lead to both better health when you operate a diesel engine and better air quality for everybody.

Inside a Catalytic Converter

To understand how diesel exhaust filters work, you first need to understand the basic functions of a catalytic converter. An essential component in any diesel engine, a catalytic converter, adds elements to harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide and converts them to harmless liquids and gases. For example, carbon monoxide becomes carbon dioxide through this process. No chemical transformation is perfect, however, and catalytic converters rely on diesel particulate filters to improve their efficiency. By catching components of exhaust that would otherwise be missed, a diesel exhaust filter stops harmful emissions from reaching the air.

What are Particulates?

Diesel exhaust filters catch and remove particulates from a diesel engine’s exhaust. Particulates are harmful compounds that the naked eye cannot detect, but they can do damage to your lungs and body if inhaled. By catching and holding particulates, a diesel particulate filter prevents these harmful compounds from reaching the air. That improves efficiency in the catalytic converter by purifying the exhaust to a degree. It also means that the accidental breathing of exhaust fumes doesn’t lead to you inhaling these harmful compounds. While many pieces of equipment still recommend the use of an air filter mask, a diesel particulate filter cleaner makes the process of operating a diesel engine much safer. 

Particulates and Your Health

Even as engine efficiency rises, diesel engines remain one of the top sources of air pollution in the world. It has two effects. On a global level, it means that the use of an inefficient diesel engine adds to overall air pollution. In this regard, frequent use of high-quality diesel particulate filters keeps the air clean for everybody, both human and animal. On a more personal level, a diesel engine without a functioning diesel exhaust filter introduces many harmful vapors that might affect your right away. For example, breathing in high levels of carbon monoxide can lead to severe lung troubles and breathing difficulties. Because the health of both you and the people around you is so important, you should always make sure that diesel engines you operate have high-quality catalytic converters with functioning diesel exhaust filters as well. 

To get a job well done, you need to use the right parts. Diesel engines need excellent catalytic converters to improve their efficiency and lessen the level of air pollution they cause. In turn, catalytic converters need good diesel particulate filters to function at maximum efficiency. The more you know about the parts of your engine, the better equipped you are to find the best quality in parts. It helps to keep you and everybody else safer and healthier.

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