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How can we make advertising revolutionary

Do you wish to see your web page appear on the first page of a web search? Yes? Well, you are in for real luck! is the real deal. Search engines have a stranglehold on who appears on the top of the food chain in the world of website search engine ranking. If you have attempted their mathematical algorithms, you are sure cracking that code takes months if not years of hard work and sweat just for your page to make it on the second page of web searches. It’s a real frustrating prospect for any business whose lifeline is depended on the web. It can also be really confusing for a rookie start-up business looking to enhance its presence to a wide reach. The bottom-line is always at siege with high costs of optimizing content for the web. It’s a hard mine.


Great businesses fruition is always about smart advertising. A smart advertising campaign is always hinged on a great strategy. Advertising costs money, and it augurs well if every coin would count into building your business. With only $1, you can get a home page listing on It is a bidding system to appear at the top of the rank. The page with the highest bidder will appear at the top of the page. For a page to rank higher, your page has to outbid the highest bidder by as low as $1. What is more interesting, with a bid of $100 and more, will write up to 50 distinctive articles on your listing and include with each article one link to your listing. These articles are submitted at no extra cost to top-rated article inventories like Issuu, Ezine, Tumblr, etc. The result is a continuous magic of repeat views on your page, ultimately increasing the pedigree and reputation of your page on search engines like Google. In essence for each search, your page moves up the ranking system.

How it works has an intuitive, user-friendly control panel to help you upload your page. Effortlessly displayed, you can upload your page, and the system will display up to 3 lines of your page for your viewers. The system also understands the intricate world of keyword ranking. With your listing, you can add up to five keywords for free. Additionally, you are allowed additional keywords at only $1. You can also get to choose your audience from either local (by country) or global. It optimizes your content to target a certain market so that your site remains relevant. You can upload an elevator pitch in the form of a video and images to introduce your site to viewers.


With web search engines always enhancing their algorithms shutting out many sites from a first-page listing, time is now for cutting edge ideas like At a minimum budget dent on your marketing portfolio, you can get a circuitous viewership of your page through a myriad of ways.

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