How Are Above-Ground Pools A Better Investment?

With summer around the corner, swimming pools are going to be fun again. Even though in-ground pools have been a common choice for several years, they are not a very feasible option given the cost, the space required, and even the type of soil in your backyard. Nevertheless, this is where an above-ground pool can come in handy. 

Above-ground pools are mainly made to be efficient and effective. They come in various options, primarily ranging from economy models to expensive and luxurious models. You can use most of them around the year, and while some require saltwater machines, which can also be present with in-ground models. With an above-ground pool, you can also avail the option for solar heating systems. 

How Can You Improve The Longevity Of An Above-Ground Pool?

Although there are many advantages to above-ground pools compared to in-ground pools, maintenance can be a tricky task. With advanced pumps and filtration systems, above-ground pools sometimes need more hands-on work on the regular. If you have newly purchased one of Watson’s above-ground pools or want to learn how to keep your pool clean, this article is a perfect read. Here mentioned are a few maintenance tips for your above-ground pool. 

Make a checklist: 

Even though it might not seem like a lot, swimming pool cleaning can take long hours, mainly because they consist of a varied list of chores. This is why it is best to make a list of what you have to do. There is a common checklist that you must follow:

  • Test the water’s pH level to be between 7.5-7.7.
  • The chlorine level should be about 3.0 ppm.
  • You should run the pool filter for at least 15 hours. 
  • Check the pump operation and filter pressures.
  • Empty all pump baskets and skimmer.
  • Skim the surface and keep the pool clean.

These are some of the tasks you should check daily. Other than that, you can follow a weekly routine as well. 

Take extra care of the walls:

It is one of the easily forgotten points, yet highly crucial. The walls of an above-ground swimming pool require as much attention as the water in it. It would help if you always prevented guests or kids from sitting on the edges of the wall. No matter how hard, it can cause damage and eventually crease or even crack the sides. 

Ensure there is enough water circulation:

Above-ground pools can sometimes have issues with water circulation. This can further lead to the growth of algae and even for it to breed. However, this is only possible near the dead spots of the pool. Dead spots are essentially areas in the pool that do not have good circulation and are somewhat stagnant. These areas mainly include water around the steps, behind the ladders, or in any crevice or crack. 

Although a pool’s pump circulates the water, sometimes it is not as efficient. You can either invest in machinery like return jets to help circulate water in your pool efficiently or keep an eye on the damaged areas. If it’s only starting, using a pool brush can often help manually circulate the water. 

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it can be tempting to put off pool maintenance for two or three days, but it will only worsen the pool liner issues. Being regular with your cleaning can help you save time and money as well. Rest assured, a clean pool can help make summer with your friends and family a much more exciting and memorable holiday. 

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