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April 3, 2018

Home Cleaning: 5 Places you Frequently Forget to Clean

Home cleaning is one of the trickiest tasks that need to be done inside the house. While most people tend to brush over and get it done, this is not ideally recommended because there are many tricky corners and places that need to be cleaned that are usually neglected.

Occasional housekeeping involving a professional cleaning service is one of the most appropriate ways to ensure that these sneaky places are kept free of the harmful after-effects of dust and dirt accumulating in them.

Dirty corners can become breeding grounds for many allergens and harmful disease-causing organisms which if allowed to flourish, can eventually lead to causing health hazards for you and your loved ones.

Here is a list of a few places that you should regularly clean to avoid the spread of disease-causing agents in your homes and offices.

1. Under rugs

This is one of the most neglected places primarily because it is quite hard to reach and execute. A rug is usually placed on the floor, and a table or heavy object placed over it, therefore, cleaning under the rug means a lot of moving is required, and not everyone is willing to do that. However, this is crucial because dust accumulates quite rapidly under carpets and rugs that may cause insects to nest under them. It is recommended to vacuum or sweep under your rugs at least once a week.

2. Behind electrical appliances

The idea of heavy moving comes back to apply here as well. Electrical appliances are usually placed in specially designed places which means there is little space left to reach behind them but the thing is it is easy for dirt to get there. It is a good idea to move the appliances once a week or twice a month that are free in their stations or simply placed on counters, then clean under and behind them.

3. Above skirting materials

We sweep the floors but hardly ever pay attention to the skirting boards which tend to get quite dirty over time. If neglected for prolonged periods, this filth can settle and become exceptionally hard to clean.

4. Around and under the beds

It is a similar case with beds as with appliances however this is one of the more dangerous places because mites and other harmful insects can build nests here and bite to cause injuries while you and your loved ones are sleeping. If you think it is too much labor, have a housekeeping service come and do it for you.

5. Door hinges and window sills

Door handles have often been causing ‘controversies’ in homes because most people think that the germs on doorknobs are a myth, but in truth, it isn’t. Door handles, especially the ones for the bathrooms, are heavily infected by germs, and this means it is vital to give them a good wipe every now and then. Also, the hinges are usually neglected which means they can get covered in a lot of filth quite rapidly.

Haven’t cleaned these or a host of other unknown places for quite some time? It’s no cause for concern. Get in touch with a professional house cleaning service and let them handle the problem professionally for you.

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