A Guide to Picking an Informed Football Accumulator

May 1, 2018

Betting on football has become a common and enjoyable aspect of the modern game. Social media is often awash with big accumulator bet wins on the busiest days of football, but what is the best way to go about picking your own ‘acca’? If you’re looking to pick your own football accumulator but aren’t sure where to start, we have put together some tips on where to begin.

Accumulators can seem the most appealing type of bet due to their mouth-watering odds, with each selection added increasing the odds, but it’s hard to know just how many selections to go for. The betting world is rapidly changing, offering different features to their customers, but the accumulator remains defiantly popular because of the potentially high returns.

Responsible betting should, of course, be paramount. Only bet what you can afford and do not go overboard. Accumulators are generally more appealing as with the right research, potentially high values can be returned from smaller stakes.

What to put in an accumulator?

The traditional accumulator would have featured simply ‘win-only’ markets, nowadays you can include multiple types of different outcomes. These selections can include over a certain number of goals in a game, whether both teams will score in a game, teams to win to nil and many other options.

Meaning that you aren’t tied down to hoping for teams to outright win their games, you can make informed decisions judging by statistics and tailor your accumulator to suit your predictions.

Check Out the Statistics

It perhaps goes without saying, but this is undoubtedly one of the key factors in your accumulator being successful. Checking individual team’s form, player stats, as well as keeping an eye on team news, which players are injured, suspended and so on.

Footy Accumulators offer daily free tips on accumulators to their fans, covering every blade of grass regarding researching the statistics behind the selections in their accumulators. They offer tips on a variety of bets, but as their name suggests, accumulators are their passion.

Try not to go overboard and put too many teams in your accumulator.

When you see the odds going up and up, it can be quite easy to keep adding selections to your accumulator in the hope that there is a big payday ahead. In short, don’t do this as the more you put into the bet your chances of winning drop drastically. Our advice is to try and keep your accumulator to six selections and avoid throwing in shortly priced teams to boost your odds because there are the games that usually cost you the bet!

Cash out or play the waiting game?

One of the main benefits of the modern-day betting experience is being offered a ‘cash-out’ price for your accumulator. Most of the biggest and most popular bookmakers will now offer you a live cash-out option, so if you believe a team may be about to crumble, you can decide to take your money a run. This amount can range from anything up to your potential bet returns, while the games in your bet are in-play. If you aren’t sure which bookmaker to sign up with online, then check out some of the best bookmakers offers online over at Footy Accumulators.

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