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Give your car a new look on a budget

Most car owners spend a lot of time traveling in their cars. Driving the kids to soccer games, carpooling, going to the beach, mountains, or camping takes a tool on the look of the car. What’s worse is that money is usually pretty tight, so no matter how tempting it might be, it isn’t always possible to buy a new car every time you don’t like the look of the old one. Selling and buying new automobiles every year isn’t always economical either.

What you can do instead, is make small upgrades to your existing car so that it looks new every few months. If you start liking the old car again with a few minor changes, you can improve it as needed by giving it a new look on a budget. You can’t drastically change the engine of the car without complications, but you can make subtle changes that will keep you and your car happy.

Let us look at some simple ways that you can give your car a new look on a modest budget.

Clean up:

The first thing to start with is to get it cleaned thoroughly. Don’t just take a wet soapy cloth and clean it, but get a complete overhaul done. Shampoo your seat covers and upholstery, scrub the flooring with good quality soap, get rid of all the dust and grime left over by kids and pets, remove all trash, old potato wafers, candy wrappers, old cigarette butts, and cans of soda. Pop open the hood and boot of your car and vacuum all the dust and dirt out. Give your car tires a good wash and clean the hubcaps of all wheels to make them look brand new.

Organize your glove box by putting things in zip lock bags, roll the AUX cables, phone chargers, and extensions gadgets, and put them all in airtight bags to avoid getting dust on them. Do the same for all your car tools while replacing them in the boot – pack them in airtight bags so that they stay clean for your next use and don’t rust or get spoilt.

Replace your floor mats:

Floor mats are usually the dirtiest in any car. If you’ve got floor mats that are looking old or frayed, replace them with new ones that are all-weather proof to avoid wear and tear with sand, rains, and snow. Rubber floor mats are ideal as they don’t get worn down easily. They are also easier to clean and reuse at a later date. Placing rubber mats on the floor of your car will protect the carpeting in your car and keep it clean for longer periods of time. They also prevent the growth of mold and help prevent the damp smell that gets left behind in cars due to soggy or dirty floor mats.

If you have small children, you could also choose printed floor mats with small games at the back of your car, so they are occupied. If they are occupied, you can definitely enjoy your ride for longer! If you want to add contrast to the interior of your car, you could opt for colored floor mats against the original color of your car to add more depth.

Vinyl wrapping:

Vinyl wrapping has become very popular recently. If you want to give your car a new look instantly, you could opt for inexpensive roof wrapping. Available in different shades and colors, you can convert your car to look like a sports variant by adding good quality wrapping. Vinyl wraps are easy to install and don’t harm the paint job on your car. They are long-lasting and can be easily removed in case you wish to sell your car at a later date.

You could opt for a full body wrap to change the entire exterior of your car, or for prints and motifs to add some character to the look of your car. Black glosses and carbon fiber wrap also help in adding contrast to the original color of your car making it look brand new. Another fun thing to do would be to design your own wrapping. This is also an inexpensive way to customize your car and make it look brand new.

All the tips above can help in giving your car a new look. The most important thing is to keep making small changes one at a time. This won’t be too hard in the pocket and will help you feel good about your car often.

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