April 13, 2022

Getting On the Road to WSOP Europe

The World Series of Poker has wrapped and now it’s Europe’s turn to show the world what they got. Poker fans from all around the world are headed to the Czech Republic to see all the action up close, or even better, be a part of the action. Some new faces will surely be at the tables, ready to make the big boys cry, and some veteran, proven winners will return to show the newbies how it’s done.

If you’re here to follow you’re favorites, simply want to see the action, or are trying to pick up some tips, you can find all the coverage on the GGPoker website. We’re here to give you the broad strokes on all things WSOP to get you on your road to the WSOP Europe Circuit. Read on for all the details on Europe’s biggest poker event.

What’s on the schedule?

The King’s Resort in Rozvadov is about to become very popular with poker fans. The casino opened its doors to the WSOP European Circuit in early January and has been consistently hosting poker competitions all through January, covering every variation of poker you can think of. There will be Fiftystack, Omaha, Bounty Hunter, Monsterstack, 5 and 7-card stud, ladies’ events, and more, all culminating at The Main Event of the WSOPE on January 23rd. Everyone who wins a ring is automatically offered a seat at the table for the biggest cash prize, which this year is reaching a whopping €1 million in guaranteed prizes!

What’s happened so far?

One of the biggest moments so far of the WSOP Europe circuit was the Mini Main Event. 1,397 players entered the arena, but only one could exit with the coveted WSOP bracelet.

The winner was Switzerland’s own Emil Bise, who rose to the top and gained €260,175 as well as a seat at The Main Event on top of his WSOP bracelet, which he can add to his two WSOP rings at home.

The game was cinched when it came down to Bise and his Romanian opponent, Gicovanu. After some back and forth, the river offered Bise a jack for a full house, resulting in the Swiss poker player taking home the top prize.

The Swiss player made sure to remind people of his previous Main Event win, and how he does intend to return and win this year’s Main Event, so you can look out for him at the table on January 23rd.

“It’s beautiful, it’s a beautiful feeling and I am very happy,” Bise said. “Yes, very proud, I won the WSOP Circuit Main Event here three years ago but this is very special.”

“King’s [Resort] is my second home,” he added. “I love the WSOP and big series, the WSOP is my series.”

Can I get involved?

If you’re looking to get yourself geared up for the next WSOP European Circuit, you can practice your skills on the GGPoker website, which offers poker rooms with loads of features so that you can win big. Try features like Smart HUD to make smarter bets, Card Squeeze, and All-In Insurance for a safer game. When you’ve got the skills nailed, check the GGPoker website for details on how to register to play at the big tables.

If you’d rather be a spectator you can follow all the updates and coverage on all the WSOP events on the GGPoker website, and even stream some of the circuits straight to your home. Gain tips and strategies from watching the best poker players on the globe, or even watch the GGTeam and gain some insight them on Twitch. Take a look at the website for updates.

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