Significant growth of gambling popularity in Spain and the rest of Europe

The popularity of the gambling industry has increased dramatically over the past decade in countries all over Europe, especially in Spain. A recent report by the UK Gambling Commission explains several key factors contributing to the current growth.

According to statistics, Europe’s national revenue generated by online slots has grown by 84%. The frequency of visits to online casino sites in Germany and the UK, has increased considerably as well, suggesting that internet gambling is becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment for more and more adults.

Tremendous growth of online casinos in Spain

In Spain, the revenue from online casinos in the second quarter of 2017 has been 22.6%, also evidencing significant growth from previous years. The Spanish government has played a vital role in promoting the development of the online gambling sector by offering substantial tax cuts to gambling companies.

Over the past decade, Spain’s gambling operators have also benefitted monumentally from partnerships with Real Madrid, as well as sponsorships from some other widely popular organizations.

Mobile Gaming Popularity

UK Gambling Commission reports suggest a growing centrality of mobile casino gaming in the European gambling market. Beyond just Europe, gambling on-the-go is becoming an increasingly popular global trend.

Over the past decade, the rapid development and miniaturization of mobile technologies are facilitating the growth of the iGaming industry. Now, liberated from behind their desktop computers, people can play their favorite online slots and table games wherever they please.

To meet the growing demand for mobile gambling, online casino operators have invested in tailoring games to suit mobile platforms. People have shown a particular preference for the live online games, suggesting people’s desire to maintain the social element of classical casino gambling, even in the digital medium.

Statistics have shown, however, that people are particularly keen on gambling between 12 and 4 a.m, a demand online casino operators have not yet met adequately. It will be interesting to see how the business approaches the new challenge.

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