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February 3, 2021

Do You Want to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress? A Few Tips

Do you experience back pain or body pain quite often after you get up from your bed? If yes, then it is time to consider changing the mattress. As you go online in search of a comfortable cooling mattress, you will be bombarded with loads of information. 

There are so many varieties available with so much information that you get confused. Each type of mattress is claimed to be the best to get good sleep and promise that your pain will go away soon. However, your real pain starts now when you search for the right mattress for you.

In this article too, we are going to provide you brief information about various kinds of foam mattresses particularly memory foam, and how that can be useful for you. This will help you to get preliminary knowledge about the best memory foam mattresses. We shall also provide views about different memory foam mattresses that we think shall suit you the best.

What is a memory foam mattress?

If you have used any conventional mattresses with innerspring then you must have faced the following two types of problems.

  1. Too soft and you feel as if there is quicksand beneath you
  2. Too hard that offers rock-like surface

There are several different kinds of mattresses tried by us and finally, we arrived at the conclusion that memory foam mattresses are the right solution to the above problems. These mattresses are neither too hard nor too soft and can support your body perfectly well. The best part of these memory foam mattresses is that they can react with your body warmth and also get adjusted to your body curves. 

The material used for these memory foam mattresses is known as polyurethane and few other compounds so that it becomes more durable and of better quality. You can also get necessary pressure relief as well as support. 

Memory foam has been quite popular in the market since the 90s however these are available since 1970. Though the cost of such a memory foam mattress is on the higher side but yet it is quite popular among users because of its better quality and durability.

Why is a memory foam mattress considered the best?

There are so many different brands of memory foam available in the market and therefore it is very difficult to single out any particular memory foam mattress as the best one. There are various considerations like your body type, sleeping habits, and position, one particular brand of memory foam mattress may be perfect for you while the other brand may give you an unpleasant experience.

When you read reviews about any kind of memory foam mattresses then they are based on certain special criteria and therefore when people should read these reviews then they must note these criteria very carefully to decide which is more applicable for them. Acquiring more knowledge about the product will help you to make better decisions and also you can save your money as well.

Let us know different types of memory foam and here we shall talk about three different types of memory foam and what are their pros and cons. Unless you understand these in greater detail, you will not be in a position to select the right kind of mattress for you.

1. Traditional memory foam

This is the first variety that was introduced in the market during 1990 and even today this type of memory foam is considered to be the best in terms of comfort that it can provide. This type of foam is mostly used for making memory foam pillows.


  1. Provides relief to pressure points as it can distribute our body weight evenly on the surface of the mattress
  2. These polyurethane foams are designed in such a manner that it reacts to our body warmth and creates a contour of our body on the surface of the mattress. Therefore, while you are sleeping you will feel more comfortable.
  3. Motion isolation due to reactive technology because of body temperature
  4. Due to their higher density, these memory foams are quite durable
  5. Available in different price ranges and models


  1. Due to our body temperature, the material reacts and retains an excessive amount of heat
  2. Being a petroleum-based product there are few health concerns
  3. It smells of volatile organic compounds
  4. Gel-infused Memory foam

This is the recent addition among three different varieties of memory foam and it has been developed to improve certain issues that were found in other varieties. In this kind of memory foam, the gel is infused in the traditional foam in the form of gel beads. The gel is in liquid form which can help in dispersing heat.


  1. It also provides pressure point relief like its predecessor and due to the infusion of gel, it has improved further.
  2. It offers a cool sensation in the beginning and can dissipate heat at a much faster rate as compared to its predecessor.
  3. This type of memory foam is widely available as it uses the most common variety of memory foam.


  1. Again, it is petroleum-based
  2. During the night it still gets warm
  3. It also smells
  4. Plant-based memory foam

Now a green memory foam has been developed which is not only environment friendly but also friendly to our body. It does not contain any toxic substance.


  1. Individual contouring, pressure point relief, and motion isolation
  2. Your bed remains cooler 
  3. No smell
  4. One can breathe easily on such foam


  1. Difficult to find in the local market
  2. Too expensive
  3. Thickness of layers

You must understand that the comfort that you will get from such foam will depend upon the thickness of the different layers the mattress will have. Conventional mattresses have three different layers and their density and firmness can be different to provide necessary support and comfort.

  1. The top layer is made in such a manner that it can maintain coolness and provide you with a better sleeping experience. The thickness of this layer can be 1 to 4 inches.
  2. The next layer is the support layer whose thickness can be within 1 to 4 inches range. This layer is meant for providing necessary support.
  3. The base layer is the thickest and can be 6 to 8 inches in thickness. The foam density is much higher as compared to the top layers.

There are also memory foams available with 2 layers and also more than 3 layers based on the model. Usually more the number of layers will cost you more as they provide more ventilation and comfort. However, you must remember that a thicker layer is not necessary and will be better.


Density will indicate the weight of the mattress. There is no ideal density to get a better mattress. While looking at density you must see which type offers you more comfort. 

  1. Low-density memory foam usually reacts faster with your body temperature and easily conforms to your body shape. If you want a softer mattress then you must prefer low-density foam.
  2. Medium-density memory foams are more popular due to availability at a better price range. If you do not prefer a too-soft or too-stiff mattress then this is for you.
  3. High density is generally known as an orthopedic mattress which is designed for certain medical conditions. 
  4. Firmness level

The firmness of the memory foam is subjective and depends upon several factors. You have to decide the firmness of the mattress based on your comfort level and sleeping pattern.

Responsiveness and viscosity

How quickly the memory foam returns to its original shape is known as its responsiveness. 

Heat retention

Heat retention has been improved by introducing plant-based and gel within the traditional memory foams. 

Bad smell

This is another common complaint associated with petroleum-based memory foam. This odor will tend to reduce after long usage.

We hope the above information will be a starting point for you to search for an ideal memory foam mattress for your bedroom. Generally, it is suggested that after you select your mattress, you must try it out for a certain period to make sure that you have selected the right one for you.

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