The Differences Between Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage, and Temperature Control Vaping

Vaping is the way to go for anyone who enjoys cannabis, CBD, or other substances. Safer than smoking and more acceptable these days, it’s also more convenient. The cannabis industry, for example, has grown massively since marijuana was legalized or decriminalized in many states of the USA, and the choice of quality weed and various accessories and vaping devices is considerable. 

From simple vape pens to more complex devices that give you control over your ‘hit’ there is a lot to choose from. In the following few paragraphs we look at the difference between variable wattage, variable voltage, and temperature control vaping devices and see if we can recommend the right one for you.

Variable Wattage 

By way of adjusting the wattage provided by the vape battery, a user can adjust the level of the hit they desire. By this we mean they can find a setting that gives them more or less vapor, a stronger or lighter hit for their personal preference, and with e-liquids, they can vary the flavor to suit.

We won’t get too deep into how it works, but the simple explanation is the adjustment – done by pressing buttons on the vape device as instructed – automatically adjusts the wattage output to the requested levels. We’ll explain below how this differs from variable voltage.

Variable Wattage (VW) vape devices are the easiest to use and the most convenient, so are recommended if you don’t wish to get too advanced in your variations.

Variable Voltage 

Variable Voltage (VV) vape devices differ from the above in that you need to make manual adjustments to the coil – the heating elements – by way of buttons on the device. This requires more knowledge of how the devices produce the vapor and maybe a case of trial and error in reaching the ideal settings.

The resistance of the coil is the function that is adjusted – if you want to get into detail you could learn all about Ohm’s Law and work out the ideal resistance levels for you – and this fine-tuning gives a very personal result that will be pleasing to the user.

This is suitable for fine-tuning both the hit from cannabis and any of the e-liquids you might find a reputable CBD store but remember that these devices do require you to have some experience of vaping with an adjustable vape mod.

Temperature Control 

For extremely fine-tuning you may wish to consider a Temperature Control (TC) vape device. These take the concept of finding a personal taste to another level. The difference is achieved by altering the actual temperature that the coil heats to, and also by using different metals in the coil. Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless-Steel coils all have different heating properties and provide variable results.

A TC device will involve a regulating element that recognizes the coil being used and acts to the temperature instructions being given. The result is a complex device yet one that, once you have mastered the art, will provide you with your personalized perfect hit every single time.

Which is for you? Let’s see if we can sum things up.


The VW vape device is the easiest to use of all of these and provides a hit that, while not as finely tuned as the other options, is still more satisfying than a simple non-adjustable vape pen. The VV device takes things a step further and narrows the hit range, while the TC models go all the way to absolute personalization. The choice is yours, so we recommend you ask your retailer for advice on which might be the best for you.

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