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Car Accident
April 4, 2019

Car Accidents Will Hike Your Insurance Premiums

Some car accidents result in many fatalities every year. Others result in serious injuries which change the victim’s lifestyle forever, not to mention post-traumatic stress disorder.

Apart from this, a single car accident will result in hiked insurance premiums since the insurance company will view you as a risky driver. To avoid all these, take a look at some of the tips to help you become a better road user.

1. Always Maintain Your Car

Car maintenance is key in avoiding accidents at least from your part. This is why it’s important to schedule regular servicing. Some of the basics you should have checked include your tires, brakes and vital fluids such as brake fluid and power steering fluid for efficient navigation.

You should always ensure your engine is in good health. Failure to this will see you get ambushed with a stalled engine right in the middle of traffic. It could get even worse including a fire starting in the engine as you drive.

You also ensure you scrutinize any car you intend on buying. Make sure the car comes with rear cameras and accident avoidance systems to minimize the chances of causing an accident.

2. The Driver’s Condition

Now, the car may be in the best condition possible, but if the driver isn’t, then an accident is inevitable. Human error is the leading cause of accidents around the world. This may range from health conditions, especially those touching on the driver’s vision to intoxication.

The driver must be in good health condition to make correct judgments while driving. As such it’s recommended to take eye exams every once in a while, to detect any developing issue.

There’s also the issue of intoxication as a result of medication or other illegal drugs. Also, driving under the influence of alcohol may impair your judgment and cause car accidents.

3. Get Defensive Driving Training

There’s a common statement, which always goes to remind us of the unpredictability of the roads. You may be all focused on the road with your serviced car but the driver on the other side may be careless or not as careful as you and may cause an accident.

However, you can avoid such scenarios by taking a defensive driving course. This course will show you how to defend or protect yourself while on the road if you spot potential danger. It may not be due to another driver but weather conditions or animals crossing the road.

Furthermore, it’s always important to keep a safe distance between vehicles. This will give you plenty of space to maneuver should anything go wrong.

4. In-Car Distractions

Driving requires a lot of concentration, especially if you’re driving in a busy town. Therefore, you must make sure there’re no distractions inside the car. This includes avoiding texting or calling when driving. If you must pick or make a call, ensure you install a hands-free system to allow, you to remain in control of the car at all times.

Children can also be a source of distraction. As such, when traveling with the children, make sure you tell them the importance of you is focusing on the road. If they cause distractions while on the road, pull over to resolve the issue before returning on the road.

Life is precious. Therefore, it’s important to protect it at all costs, and this starts with being a better driver. With the tips outlined in this article, you should become one and reduce the number of road accidents.

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