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The Best Fundraisers the Whole Community Can Enjoy

Bringing your community together for a fundraiser can be fantastic for both the community and whatever you are raising funds for. Whether it is something for your local church or a charitable organization close to your hearts, there are plenty of activities you could choose. Here are some of the best fundraisers we believe your whole community can enjoy.


Bingo is a fun game which gives everyone the chance to play for a grand prize. Entry for the games in terms of buying the bingo books can be the aspect you use to gather funds together. Ask around local businesses to see if they want to contribute some of the prizes. Why not also brush up on your skills beforehand with a few games at Booty Bingo, so you are in the best position to snatch a win.


Everyone loves a potluck, and it can be a great way to bring everyone together for some fantastic food. Try to schedule it in line with an event. It could be a great activity if your city holds any memorial days to do with its early days or for the birthday of a prominent community leader.

Penny Drive

Penny drives can generate an awful lot of money with minimal effort. All you need to do is place some jars around the community in places like the town hall, the local library, shops, and restaurants. With an eye-catching jar and a small explanation as to what you are fundraising for, it won’t be long before people tipping their loose change into them all over town!

Community Cookbook

Got a community of avid cookers? Why not put together a small community cookbook? Have people submit their best recipes and draw up a list to be made into a cookbook. Once it is made, it can be sold in various places around town. It is a nice and simple fundraiser which also helps to thread the community together just a little bit tighter.

Kilo Sale

Kilo sales have taken off in Europe and the UK, and they are so good it is about time that the States got in on the action too. A kilo sale is a fun twist to thrifting which can very easily be turned into a fundraiser! Have everyone in the community donate clothes they no longer want beforehand. You could also reach out to local shops to see if they’re going to donate anything. Then, you open the doors, collect a small entrance fee, and let people browse the clothes. Anything they want to buy is weighed, and the weight of what they buy dictates how much they pay. The usual going price is about $15 per kilo (about 2.2lbs), which can get you quite a stack of clothes!

These are five fun ways you can fundraise for a good cause in your local community. If you are trying to think of a fresh way to raise money in your city, why not try one of the above activities soon!

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