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September 11, 2022

Best Casinos in France

With over 90 million tourists annually, France is the most visited country in Europe. Boasting the French Alps, world-class wine regions, and hundreds of historical sites, it’s no wonder France is such a popular destination all year round. And thanks to its developing casino culture, France is also a prominent destination for gamblers.

France ranks in the top 10 nations worldwide in terms of the number of land-based casinos, according to WorldCasinoDirectory.com. Since there are about 200 of them currently operating in France, you have a wide range of options at your disposal if you are in the mood for a game or two.

Some of these casinos, though, are considerably more than just regular casinos. These are destinations full of History, luxury, and prestige. Here is our selection of the most iconic casinos in all of France.

Monte Carlo Casino

Since 1863, the Monte Carlo Casino has been a favorite gathering place for Europe’s rich and famous. In addition to numerous other films, TV series, and novels, it served as the background settings of two James Bond blockbusters, GoldenEye and Never Say Never Again.

The Monte Carlo Casino is off-limits to residents, which is unusual. On the other hand, visitors from anywhere else in the world are more than welcome. The entrance fee is €17. You will have the opportunity to play over 480 slot machines, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and many other games if you choose to gamble at the Monte Carlo Casino.

Casino Barrière Le Croisette

From Monte Carlo, travel 40 kilometers along the French Riviera to Cannes. With its pristine waters and attractive beaches charming homes and historic buildings in the old town, there are endless reasons to visit Cannes. Additionally, the main reason that any gambler should go to Cannes is for a visit to the Casino Barriere Le Croisette.

You have an option to play a variety of games, including roulette tables, card games, and slots. Additionally, you can dine at its acclaimed restaurant and watch a performance at its theater. But keep in mind that this is an upscale establishment with pricing that is expensive even by French Riviera standards.

Club Montmartre

The Côte d’Azur region has the majority of France’s casinos, although this does not imply that there are no casinos in other parts of France. Paris is a major center for the gambling business, with numerous sizable casinos open all around the city.

Although several casinos in Paris take up entire buildings, the city’s most recognizable casino is a little one. In the bohemian district of the French capital, Club Montmartre is housed in a historic two-story building and has been in operation for more than seven decades. This casino does not have any slot machines on its property, in contrast to the other two of the best casinos that we have reviewed. Instead, big rollers from all over the world play table games and poker, which are its mainstays. Consequently, you will require a lot of money to wager here.

Can you play Online Casinos in France?

France was one of the first European countries to make online gambling legal and regulated. To operate legally in France, gambling websites must offer poker, horse racing betting, and sports betting.

There are many options of online casinos available to play in France and around the world. And with casinos being available on mobile phones and tablets, you can now play anytime, anywhere – even whilst vacationing in France.

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