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April 2, 2019

7 Myths About Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle seems simple at first glance. Others see it as dangerous too since the rider doesn’t get the same protection as someone riding in a car. However, you should know that there are plenty of myths and misconceptions out there related to this particular means of transportation. Here is a list of the most common ones.

1. Loud pipes will protect your life

If you noticed some bikers with their bikes roaring down the road, you might think that all the noise their pipes make might keep them safe from accidents. The truth is the noise caused by the pipes with the exhaust removed is not noticeable in traffic. Even more, it appears that such modified motorcycles are more involved in accidents than the rest.

2. A heavy helmet will break your neck

The logic here seems simple. In the case of a crash, as your body is projected through the air, a heavy helmet will create enough pendulum to snap your neck. Today, most helmets are made to be lightweight, and they also abide by strict regulations that include the ability to absorb impact energy.

3. A helmet can’t protect your brain against damage

This theory is quite elaborated, and it says the following. No matter how great your helmet, it cannot protect you against brain damage. In theory, yes, that is possible. But, in reality, if you ever get involved into an accident that can surpass the capacity of impact absorption of your helmet, the chances are you suffer other extensive injuries that in most cases will lead to fatalities.

4. You should get race tires if you want to be fast

That’s a dangerous misconception even to consider. First of all, race tires are built for a very particular purpose, and they don’t behave that well under normal road circumstances. Secondly, they are made to have the best grip when riding at really high speeds.

5. Young riders are most likely to die in motorcycle accidents

There appear to be quite a few considerations to support this claim. Riders who don’t have a lot of experience under their belts are more likely to get involved in accidents, especially those of the most severe kind. Also, they are seen as more reckless than the rest.

However, statistics show a different reality. According to studies, the average age for people dying in motorcycle accidents is 42 years old.

6. A motorcycle carrier will ruin your vehicle

To transport your motorcycle when you need to get it to a different location but without riding it, you will need a motorcycle hauler. Many people think that installing such an accessory on the back of their vehicle will cause damage.

However, as long as the hauler is installed correctly, there’s nothing to worry about. If in doubt, you should consider asking the advice of a specialist.

7. Car drivers don’t care about bikers

That’s not the case, although it may feel so since bikers are the damaged part in most accidents that involve another vehicle. What you should do, as a biker, is to make yourself as visible as possible by wearing highly reflective equipment and following traffic rules to the letter.

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